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Android Messages Brings Mark As Read Feature to App

Aug 6, 2017

When it comes to Android Messages, you might have noticed how messages were still marked unread from your Notifications area. This has been an inconvenience for a lot of people because you would read the message from the Notification area, but then load up Android Messages to see all of those messages as unread. Good news with the new Android Messages update as Google has finally brought “mark as read” to the Notification section.

Android Messages Mark as Read Feature Appears in Notifications

The really good news here is that you no longer will have a stack of unread messages when you open up the Android Messages app. Now, if you have a message within your Notification section, you will be able to mark that as a read message. This means that you will be able to clear out your messages as you read them through the Notification panel. For many people, this will make it much more clean in terms of your Android Messages app. It will help with your organization since you no longer will have to sit there and manually mark the messages as read through the app itself. You might have also noticed that it was hard to find the actual unread messages since everything was still marked as unread.

There were some third-party apps that tried to help with this problem, often times using the app user interface to try to change the Notification panel. Google finally has realized how much of a problem this is because the latest Android Messages update gives us this much needed mark as read icon in the Notification panel. This is part of the new app update to Android Messages, version 2.3, which is available right now through Google Play Store. The new mark as read feature was in the Developer Preview of Android O, but now everyone is getting the feature right now through the Android Messages app update.

Android Messages Update Brings Mark as Read

Just like it sounds like, the new mark as read feature in Android Messages will allow you to mark the messages you read in the Notification Panel as read. Instead of having the stack of unread messages in the app itself when you load it up, you will be able to see which are actually new messages since the read from the Notification Panel messages will be cleared out. If you do not have your Android device set for automatic updates, then you will need to manually install Android Messages version 2.3.

If you are excited about Android O, you should know that more features will be coming to Android Messages in the newest Android operating system too. This includes the ability to now add contacts as urgent contacts throughout the app itself. There will be various Notification channels in the app too, although those features will be only in Android O and are not being released to the public yet. There will be quite a few new features coming to Android overall in Android O, so we are super excited for the official release of that this fall.

If you would like to check out the new Notification panel ability to mark your messages as read, head to Google Play Store and download the newest version of the app right now. You might not think that this is a huge update to the Messages app, but it definitely is going to be both useful and helpful for people who get a ton of messages on the main app.