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Android Messages Glitch Disables Notifications

Sep 25, 2017

There is a weird Android Messages glitch going on right now which is negatively impacting Notifications. You might have noticed that you are not getting Notifications on your Android device after the newest Android Messages update. The newest Android Messages update just hit this past week, and there were not even new features put into this version. Even without major improvements in Android Messages in this update, it appears that it caused this Notifications glitch. Read on to learn more about the glitch and what is going on to remedy the problem.

Android Messages Update Breaks Notifications

A bad glitch has been happening all week with Android Messages. The glitch, which seems to have happened after the Android Messages update, has apparently broken the Notifications system. People are now reporting widespread issues with not getting Notifications after the Android Messages 2.5.207 update. In this particular update, it was only supposed to be some stability improvements and bug fixes. That makes this whole issue even worse is that it was an update that really did not need to happen anyways. No new features or major changes were made in this update, and it made everything worse instead of better. It seems that in the process of fixing some of the other bugs plaguing Android Messages, a new Notifications bug has popped up.

This Notifications bug is basically wiping out the Notifications feature all together. Due to the breakdown of Android Messages, negative reviews are now being left on Google Play Store. The users are all leaving bad reviews and talking about how they are not getting their Notifications as they are supposed to. It seems that the Android Messages update has broken the Notifications in every aspect, with it being broken using vibrations, sounds, and push notifications. There is no way to know that a new message was received unless you open the app itself. It also appears that Google has not responded to the latest problem. This means, there has not been any type of patch or fix pushed out for the Android Messages glitch with Notifications.

Notifications Broken After Android Messages Update

There have been people who have uninstalled the Messages app and tried to reinstall, but that has not worked either. It does not seem that even a device reset is able to fix the problem. As you might imagine, a lot of Android users are having frustrations with this bug. Most people rely on the Notifications feature. Since it is broken in every aspect, that is making things 100 times worse. There is no way to solve the issue and it does not appear that Google has done anything to remedy the situation yet either. The only way to get around the broken Notifications feature at this point is to use another SMS app, such as Facebook Messenger.

A lot of people are not happy that they are going to have to rely on other SMS apps in order to see their Notifications. Most people use Android Messages as their primary SMS app, with some people only using this app. This is probably one of the most inconvenient bugs that have happened on Android in a long while. Hopefully, that since this is a big inconvenience for nearly everyone, Google will quickly release a patch or fix for this issue.

You will likely see an update pushed out at some point for Android Messages to address the issue. As of this writing though, Google has not released a statement or made any comment about the Android Messages Notifications bug. Google has not said if or when a fix will be put out, so we will just have to wait and see right now. We will be keeping you updated on this problem, and when a fix is put out we will make sure to let you know.