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Android N First Update starts rolling out on devices

Mar 18, 2016

Android N First Update starts rolling out on devices: Android has started already rolling out its Android N update. Android N developer preview was released just over last week. Nobody has expected that google will start pushing OTA update to Android N developer preview this soon. You have to enrol in android Beta program to get the OTA. But now as per google you can also get the OTA if you flash the first image.Android One Marshmallow, Android N First Update

Android N First Update starts rolling out on devices

Google has launched Android N last week with an early developer preview, and the company also introduced beta program which offers users to update their devices with latest pre released BETA version of android. Now google has start pushing OTA update for Android N of Nexus devices enrolled for android BETA program.

The Update is available for NEXUS 6P, NEXUS 5S, NEXUS 9 and also in NEXUS Play leaving out only NEXUS 6.The build version for NEXUS 5S, NEXUS 6P is NPC56W where NEXUS 9 and NEXUS 9 LTE  will be updated to build version NPC56X. The build version for NEXUS PLAY is NCP56R.google android screenshot

Now google has listed the updated factory images on its developer sites. Google is asking from its user what the Android N should be named via google opinion rewards app. The company’s CEO Sundar pichai confirmed this during his visit to India in December where he informed that google can use online poll to name its new version of android.

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The update size is only 30MB. So it is there to address some performance issues or bugs. As per IAN LAKE a developer on google plus “If you’ve been doing N Dev Preview testing on a Nexus 5X, 6P, or 9, make sure to get today’s update as it fixes some performance issues.”