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Android Now Most Popular Operating System in the World

Apr 3, 2017

In some good news coming out of Android today, it was announced that Android is now the most popular operating system in the world. When it comes to the most popular operating system for browsing the Internet, Windows has been the clear winner for many years. That ended today though as the new data was released which showed Android overtook Windows for the first time in terms of operating system for Internet use.

Android Overtakes Windows As Most Popular

The data comes from StatCounter, which is a web analytics firm, and the data shows that Android is now the most popular system for browsing the Internet. When it comes to browsing the Internet, the mobile market has clearly overtaken the desktop market, which is where Windows has always shined. For the first time ever, when it comes to Internet usage, Android has finally toppled Windows.

In terms of the stats that StatCounter collected, Android represented 37.93 percent of all activity on the StatCounter network for March 2017. This is compared to the 37.81 percent of usage on the Microsoft Windows operating system. This is a win for Android as it overtakes Windows for the most used operating system, even though the win percentage is very small.

It is important to note that the StatCounter information does say usage and not users, although it is still a very positive step for Android. People have been speculating now for a while that Android was going to topple Windows in the Internet usage category, since Android has been gaining on Windows for quite a while now.

StatCounter looked at over 2.5 million websites which generated over 15 billion monthly page views. StatCounter was able to track the usage between Android and Windows over a period of time and the chart outlines how the Windows Phone might have been Microsoft’s biggest downfall. When you looked at Apple, during the same time period of March 2017, Apple ended up having three times as many iOS users using the Internet as it did the desktop version OSX. That further goes onto show just how the mobile market is overtaking the desktop and laptop market for Internet usage since iOS managed to outdo the desktop version OSX.

The Android & Windows Battle

As we just stated a bit ago, Android has been gaining ground on Windows for a while, so this news of Android overtaking Windows has not been a surprise to most people. The battle between Android and Windows has been going on for quite a while now. When you look at PC sales, they have really been falling the past five years, and the numbers are now to the 2008 level.

When you look at the smartphone market, it has only been growing over the past several years. We are seeing that with Android now being the most popular operating system to browse the Internet worldwide. In fact, Android is estimated to hold about 90 percent of all smartphone shares from around the world, with Apple and iOS still holding only that small percent of overall smartphones. Places like India are now booming in the smartphone world, which is where a lot of the growth and interest in Android is coming from.

Android Internet Usage Worldwide

StatCounter put out another report just last week that detailed how Android has dominated the Internet usage from around the world. Regions like the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and Asia are now getting into the Internet scene. When you look at these countries, they are predominately going for Android. Mobile is the biggest form of Internet usage in these countries with it being 79 percent of usage in India and it is 72 percent in Indonesia. 57 percent of China relies on smartphones whereas the United States and Germany are still predominately desktop-oriented.

The mobile markets have changed and increased significantly in the past several years too. China is now the most lucrative market for iOS developers, which overtook America in that category. Android is still lagging though in terms of revenue for the developers, even though Android has a huge user base. There were over 90 billion app downloads in the year 2016, with only 25 billion being iOS and the other 65 billion were Android app downloads.

However, even though Android won the app download battle, iOS ended up making more money. So even though Android just topped Windows as the most used operating system for being on the Internet, it is still lagging a bit behind iOS. This year, though, Android might end up overtaking iOS and Google might come out on top of Apple for revenue, we will just have to wait and see.