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Android Now Used in Chrysler Infotainment Systems

Jan 2, 2017

There is some pretty cool news coming from Google today as it announced the company is working with Fiat Chrysler to produce new infotainment systems. These new infotainment systems that you will find in the cars will be running on Android Nougat. There will be a number of apps you can use with your Fiat Chrysler car and the Android Infotainment system.

Android Now Used as Chrysler Infotainment System

The announcement was pretty cool, which is that both Google and Fiat Chrysler will be working together to build an infotainment system that runs on Android. There will be the same UConnect infotainment system found within Fiat Chrysler cars, along with Android Nougat powering the entire thing. The same interface will be used, but Google apps will be included such as Pandora, Google Maps, Google Assistant, and Spotify.

The two companies are beginning to expand their partnership together, with over 100 Pacifica minivans now using the autonomous driving software that Google built. When Google had the I/O earlier in the year, the company managed to talk about the dream of having Android in every car. The dream was to have Android as both the climate-control and audio control system, as well as Android being built into the speedometer. The best part is that the entire thing has support for Android Auto and CarPlay, and it is an open-source system so various developers can test the products. A lot of car makers have the mindset that the infotainment systems are a part of the brand itself, which means that the ability to make the infotainment systems customizable is a huge priority.

When you look at Fiat Chrysler, the company loves how they can keep the Uconnect user interface, but also add and integrate various Android apps in the process. The easy-to-use system of Uconnect will now include the Android apps and features we have all come to know and love. When you think about it, this idea is really saving car makers a lot of time and money because they are able to develop the infotainment systems on top of Android. This means that Android apps and the entire base is there for them to use, and they have to just add their own branding on top of it to make it unique to the car. There are other carmakers that have more advanced platforms, such as QNX from BlackBerry, so there is definitely competition out there.

So far there has not been any word on when the new cars being made by the partnership between Google and Fiat Chrysler will make it into the showrooms. It will likely be sometime this year as more car companies are moving towards the infotainment systems market. There will likely be more deals in the future for Google, who is still dreaming big to become the operating system in every car within this country.