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Android One Phones Set to be Released in United States

Jan 20, 2017

If you have not heard about Android One, that is probably because it was supposed to be a low-cost Android phone that would be sent to the more third-world and developing markets. Google made the Android One in order to allow these developing markets to have access to Android phones without paying too much money. It appears now, the Android One platform will be coming to the United States market.

Low-Cost Android One Coming to America

The Android One is a low-cost Android phone, which is supposed to lack a lot of the features we see on the lower-end Android phone models. Things like lack of security and software updates, bloatware, and competing services are often times found on these lower-end Android phones. Well, Android One is going to provide a low-cost Android phone to people but not give them the bloatware and unneeded apps that most lost-cost phones come with. Android One will still have security updates and software updates just as the regular more expensive Android devices do.

Most of the Android One phones were made by manufacturers you probably have never even heard of before, such as Cherry or Micromax. Google at first had most of the authority when it came to what components went into these Android One phones, but eventually, the company backed down a little to become more flexible with manufacturers. Google then expanded the Android One platform out to Spain, Africa, and Portugal. Google hoped it would be a huge success, but it only maintained a moderate or average success, even as a low-cost Android phone.

Even though it did not reach potential, Google still wants to see the Android One become a huge success, and Google keeps ramping up efforts to get people to use Google-specific apps and products on their devices as well. When it comes to the lower-cost Android phones, Google also has a reason for Android One to be successful, which is the fact this platform still does software and security updates. A lot of lower-end Android phones either do updates rarely or sometimes after a period of time, stop the security updates completely. This lack of security updates regularly puts people and the Android phone at risk.

While Google has been focused on higher-end products like the Pixel, Google still wants to ensure that people have access to the lower-end Android devices as well. Most low-end Android phones have a lot of bloatware and extra software that is not needed and lack security that Google wants to see on Android devices. It appears that this is a chance for Google to maintain high levels of security on Android devices by making the Android One the best standard low-end and low-cost Android phone possible.

When it comes to Android One hitting American stores, we do not have much in terms of the date of the release. The only thing Google has said about Android One is that it will be coming out to the United States sometime in the middle of this year, which should be either summer or early fall 2017. We also do not know anything regarding which companies would be manufacturing these Android One phones for people in America, whether it would be companies like LG or smaller companies we probably have not heard of. It is unlikely that Google as a company would focus on making the Android One phones since the company is moving towards manufacturing the higher-end products and devices.

Google probably will make a deal with a company like Samsung or LG because remember a while back when the company BLU shipped out phones to the United States consumers that contained Adups software? This Adups software ended up spying on people and uploading data like contacts, call logs, and texts to servers back in China where the company is based out of. Blu did stop business with Adups after this information was released. The China-based Adups company said that the software was not supposed to be on the American versions of the Android smartphone. It is little issues like that since Blu is also a low-end Android phone, that would likely make Google team up with an American company when making the Android One phones for the United States consumers.

If we hear about who will be making these Android One phones or have a more exact date on the release in the United States, we will be sure to let you know. We also do not know the price of the Android One phones yet, so we will let you know that as well once we have that information. We can expect that information will all be released within the next couple months or possibly sooner depending on when exactly Google plans on releasing the Android One to American consumers.