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Android Pay Adding Linked Offers In Update

Feb 5, 2017

Android Pay has been seeing a lot of improvements within the past few months. Android Pay now is available and supported in more regions and countries. Along with that, we also have seen more features and new banks and other financial institutions being supported on Android Pay. It seems that now the focus of Android Pay will be on improving and updating the Linked Offers interface.

Android Pay Linked Offers Interface Changes Coming

While nothing is set in stone until Google releases a beta version or official update to Android Pay, the Android Application Package is showing a lot of cool new features. You can tell a lot by the teardown, which is based off of the Application Package, also known as the APK. There is a new update that has already started rolling out to some Android users for Android Pay, and the teardown is showing in detail what seems to be coming down the pike. The loyalty programs seem to be getting major improvements, which is good for Android users who rely on these programs to save money.

The improvements that are showing up in the APK teardown will allow for special features and offers to show up for members of the loyalty programs. The APK for Android Pay shows a new Linked Offers section, which is where various promotions and coupons will be stored that the loyal programs put out. The whole Linked Offers section, according to the teardown, seems to indicate that not much information will be needed to get this going. If you have loyalty programs on Android Pay, then you will see the Linked Offers section right off the bat. This is good news for people who want to save money and participate in special promotions but do not want to spend hours trying to fumble through the system to claim these offers.

If you have Android Pay and use it, you will likely remember that you can save various membership cards in your Wallet. It is through the membership cards for the loyalty programs that the Linked Offers will show up. All of the special offers, promotions, and coupons from these loyalty programs will be right there for you in your Wallet. There likely will be an image also associated with the special offer or promotion. That is a really good thing because it is much easier to keep track and see the special offers if the images are right there with the text.

You will notice a + symbol to the right of the offer, and this is where you will click if you want to add that special offer to your membership card. The next time you want to go to that store, you will then be able to just go in and pop up that special promotion since it will already be sitting there on your account.

If you have an Android device and use Android Pay, these new features will help you get better deals and save a lot of money. Deal hunters might already know this setup because programs and features like this are already popular among many companies and websites. American Express is one of those companies where you get a ton of special offers and promotions, and the company is known for getting out some pretty good promotions to customers.

Even if you do not think you will use the offer for that membership card, you might as well add it to your account since it appears it will only take a click of the + symbol to make it happen. Merchants also might decide to test out Android Pay due to this new feature, which means you might find even more savings and promotions going on within the next month or two than you would normally.

You can download the APK now to check out the new Linked Offers section, and this is completely valid since the APK is signed by Google. You also can choose to wait until the official rollout of this new Android Pay feature, which should happen within the next few days to a week. The new version of Android Pay is 1.14 and you can go ahead and search for it now if you want to check out Google Play to see if it has officially rolled out to your device yet.