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Android Pay Finally Comes to Canada

Jun 1, 2017

Android Pay has finally launched over in Canada, and there are already a ton of banks that have already added support. There will be even more banks added in the near future, but this is great news for Android Pay. We have all of the latest information about Android Pay now becoming available in Canada.

Android Pay Comes to Canada After Google Touted Announcement

Just recently, Google had the annual I/O Developer Conference, and Google announced that Android Pay would be coming to Canada. It now seems official as Android Pay is finally available in Canada, and a ton of major banks have already been added to the platform. There is also support for both MasterCard and Visa already. There is also support coming for the debit card Interac, but that will begin on June 5. That really is only about a week away, so within the next week, there will be more support coming than there is right now. This will include national banks such as Scotiabank, CIBC, and BMO.

There are also smaller institutions as well such as Banque Nationale, PC Financial, and ATB Financial. You can add any cards from these banks as long as you have Android 4.4 on your device. Android Pay will also be available at the tap-enabled terminals, and this is something that is very common over in Canada. There will also be support for both Tangerine and American Express, although that will be later in the summertime.

When you think of this mobile payment system and the banks in Canada, there are a couple of big banks that are not on the list. A couple of the Big Five banks are not on this list, including TD and RBC, which already are supported with Apple Pay. It is not clear why these two banks have not signed onto the system yet, although it is likely they will be coming on later in the next several months.

More Information About Android Pay

Android Pay has been around in America since 2015 and there are over 1.5 million new registrations every month just in America alone. Google will be added more loyalty rewards to Android pay in the coming months, and even more countries are going to be adapting Android Pay this year too. Russia, Spain, Taiwan, and Brazil are going to be using Android Pay in the next several months, and overall 12 countries are already sign up to use the mobile payments platform.

Google does not charge any fees for transactions to either party in the equation, which makes it a lot different than Apple Pay. Android Pay also uses NFC technology in order to transfer the payment information from the person to the merchant terminal. Android Pay is growing steadily, with Google aiming to make it just as popular or more popular than Apple Pay. More partnerships will also be added in the coming months including deals with 1-800-FLOWERS. Currently, one out of every three people in Canada use their smartphones to make a payment, so this is great that it will be another option for them beginning right now.

If you have a smartphone and live in Canada, you can start using the mobile payment system immediately. If your bank is not supported, no worries since more banks will be added very soon. You really should check out the payment option or ask your bank if Android Pay will be supported because the fact there are no fees for any parties involved makes Android Pay one of the best options out there for mobile payments. Using the NFC system is also very safe and effective, so you do not have too much to worry about with it, and it is just as safe if not more so than using regular credit cards or debit cards.