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Android Quickly Approaching Most Popular OS Status

Mar 7, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might be interested in knowing that Android is quickly approaching number one in terms of most popular operating system. For years, Windows has maintained the status of most popular operating system, but that is quickly changing since more people are purchasing Android-operated devices.

Android Poised to Become Most Popular Operating System

StatCounter, which is a web analytics company, just released information that shows Android is about to take over as the most popular operating system. For many years, Windows has dominated and remained king of the crops in terms of the amounts of people owning Windows products. iOS and Android have been trying to compete with Windows and it appears Android is going to be the operating system that will overtake Windows as the most popular operating system.

StatsCounter said that Android is getting very close in terms of tying with Windows in the market share category. Just last month, the mobile operating system Android, owned by Google, was used by 37.4 percent of people. When you look at Windows, last month it had 38.6 percent of the market share. The numbers were looking at people who were connecting to the internet. As you can see by the numbers, Android was only 1.2 percent away from tying Windows for the top market share. iOS ended up third way down at the bottom with only 12.99 percent market share. It is important to note that this is all about internet usage and has nothing to do with shipments of devices, since StatCounter just looks at internet market share and usage.

When you think about what this means, it is actually pretty incredible that Android could be this close to Windows in terms of market share. Even just a few years ago no one would have imagined Android would get this popular among consumers all over the world. Considering the mobile market is still growing, both tablets and smartphones, it is not out of the question that within the next year Android will overtake Windows as the biggest operating system in the world. In developing regions, Android is already on top of Windows by a huge margin. Android has 51.8 percent of market share in developing countries, whereas Windows only has 29.8 percent.

When you look at The United States, Windows has 40.7 percent of the market share, and iOS is second with 24.9 percent of the market share. Android ends up third in North America at 20.3 percent market share. Even with this new information about Android, Windows is still the dominant operating system for desktop computers by a very large margin. Windows is 84.1 percent of all desktops in terms of market share.

The issue though is that more people are forgoing their desktop for a tablet or smartphone, which means Windows will decline as Android and iOS begin moving upwards. In fact, in October 2016 it was reported that for the first time ever, internet usage by tablets and mobile devices exceeded that of laptops and desktops worldwide. That is pretty big news because it shows more and more people are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, both in North America and all over the world.

We will see whether or not Android can overtake Windows in market share, but if the information from last month is any indication, it will not be long before Android becomes the king of the market share and possibly the biggest operating system in the world.