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Android Sales Falling in the United States

Jan 11, 2017

A new study was just released which shows that Android sales are falling within the United States. While this seems like bad news, Android is growing though in China. That is some good news for Android since the company is trying to grow in the global markets.

Android Sales Fall in America But Grow in China

A consumer research company, Kantar Worldpanel, just released a report which looks at the smartphone sales from all over the world. The categories include iOS, Android, and Windows, and each country can be selected so that you can specifically see the sales of each in that country. The new report actually shows that Android smartphone sales increased in China, but the Android phone sales decreased in the United States. The data showed that between September and November 2016 China showed an increase for Android phones when compared to that same time frame in 2015.

When you look at China, the United States, and India, these are the three countries where smartphones are in huge demand. In China, sales of Android smartphones increased by 7.2 percent when you compare 2016 to 2015 data. In China during those three months, September through November 2016, Android ended up being 79.9 percent of all smartphone sales.

When you look at Apple, it only had 19.9 percent of the sales during that period. What is driving Android higher in places like China is the fact local manufacturers are making smartphones with the Android system. A couple of the biggest manufacturers in China include Xiaimi and Huawei. Although these are cheap smartphones, they still offer a lot of features and Android functionality without shelling out hundreds on a top-notch smartphone. When you look at these companies like Xiami, they give people in China local information and base the phones on the local needs, which Android itself cannot do.

Looking at the United States, sales were only at 55.3 percent during September through November 2016. This is a decline of 5.1 percent from the timeframe in 2015, and that is pretty significant. Looking at Android, the Samsung Galaxy S7 had the highest part of the Android market, but the top three phones in the United States were not Android phones. Even though it is shocking how far Android fell, it is not that horrible considering the issues Android had with the Samsung Galaxy Note. The company had to recall the Note devices due to the fire risk and hazards. When you look at the fact Android ended up being without the Galaxy Note 7, since it ended up being discontinued due to the fire risk, Android still did pretty well within the United States.

Android is actually one of the biggest smartphone brands in the world, and as we get closer to the unveiling season, you might see Android rise in the United States. The Galaxy Note issues definitely hurt the company overall in Android sales since the Note was one of the flagship devices out there for Android. We will have to wait and see whether or not Android can regain the momentum when the company brings out the new devices in 2017.