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Android Slices Now Features Shortcuts for Settings on Pixel Devices

Mar 6, 2019

If you have a Pixel device we have great news for you because Android Slices has started offering shortcuts for various phone settings. We first heard about Android Slices back at the Google I/O in 2018, and testing began for the user interface changes later in that year. Third-party apps were the first to begin testing out the new user interface paradigm. If you have never heard of this service before, we think you will love what all it can do.

Basically, Slices allow key features of the Android apps to appear in natural places. Google Search was one of the first to really utilize Slices, but now Slices is adding shortcuts for the most commonly used Android phone settings. Read on to learn more details about Android Slices and the new shortcuts for the settings that are coming to Google Pixel devices.

Android Slices Brings Settings Shortcuts to Google Pixel Devices

Pixel devices are going to be seeing a new feature heading to Android Slices this week, and we are very happy about the latest additions. There is now a Settings shortcuts feature being added and this is great news. Some of the new additions include shortcuts for WiFi as well as Bluetooth. There will now be shortcuts for some of the most commonly used settings and device preferences. In order to see the new Slices shortcuts for the settings, you need to be on Android Pie.

You might remember when during the Android Developer Conference in 2018, Google began talking about how Android Slices would end up as part of the Early Access Program. This program would be with various third-party apps such as Kayak and Doist. It can show things such as contacts, music, apps, and even web results. We also learned during this conference that when you are searching with the Google app itself, you would begin seeing Slices as you are searching.

Android Slices Adds Shortcut Settings to Make Changing Preferences Much Easier

If you check out the new settings shortcuts in Android Slices, you will see all kinds of device preferences and settings available for you to customize. If you query “WiFi” or “Bluetooth” within the search field on Google, you will see the new inline toggle. This allows you to enable or disable this setting much easier than before. You will see the Settings app icon on the left and the toggle on the right.

You will be able to see the name of the WiFi network that you are connected to, and you can take action on that if you wish. The only downside is that it’s not instantaneous. This means that it takes a couple seconds to fully load. If you just type “Blu” you will see the shortcut itself, but you can only toggle after writing “Bluetooth.” Of course, if you don’t think Slices is your thing, you can still open up the Settings page and see everything right there too.

Android Settings is Great Android Slices Candidate for Multiple Reasons

We aren’t surprised that the Android Settings shortcuts are the latest addition to Android Slices because it’s a great candidate for this service. Google itself showed off a ton of the abilities that it can do when it comes to settings. One of the settings Google showed off was now “Mobile Data” could be easier understood using this service. You would quickly be able to see the gigabytes you have used right in Slices.

Another cool thing was that you could see your screen brightness right there, and there was a slider to allow you to quickly adjust the brightness. There are still not toggles for a few of these settings as of right now. We are hoping to see more settings preferences coming in a future update. There are other examples we could tell you about too, such as seeing images in a carousel format from Google Photos from within Search.

How to Get Android Slices Update Right Now

The latest update appears to be a server-side one and so far, there are four different Pixel devices that have already received this update. You will need to ensure that your Google app is the newest version in order to see the latest features.

Google claims that Android Slices can run on many Android versions including Android 4.4, but we have not seen that happen as of yet. Up to this point in time, we have only seen Android Slices work on Pixel devices running Android Pie, which is the newest Android operating system update.

In the comment section below, we want to know if your device has received this new update yet. Are you running on a Pixel device that is on Android Pie or are you on a lower operating system? Do you think that Android Slices is a useful service on your Android device? What else do you think should be added to this feature in the future? Are you hopeful even more settings will be added in a future update or are you happy with the settings offered?