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Android TDK Allows for Code-Free Ransomware Development

Aug 26, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might want to pay attention to the news about a TDK, which could allow someone to make ransomware without coding. A TDK, if you have not heard this term before, is a Trojan Development Kit. The TDK that Symantec just found could let anyone have the ability to generate ransomware without any knowledge or coding experience required. Read on to learn about this newest threat to Android and what it could mean for you.

New TDK Allows for No-Code Ransomware

While you might think that you need coding experience in order to make an app, that is not true with the newest TDK that could spell doom for Android users. This new Trojan Development Kit would allow someone without any coding experience to make a ransomware app. The ability to create ransomware without any knowledge or skill is a pretty scary thing. We no longer need a hacker with experience in coding to make ransomware for Android.

TDK is a relatively new thing, as it was only discovered earlier in this year. Since Android already has a bigger risk for ransomware, we are looking at an even bigger number of potential problems from this TDK. Since now an average user could create ransomware, it could end up impacting Android on a whole new level in which we might not be prepared for. It really could only take a few minutes to develop the ransomware with this TDK, but the results of the ransomware development could impact millions.

How the No-Code TDK Works

With the TDK that was just discovered, it can be found in various places all over the Internet. Through social media and through hacker forums. Once you have downloaded the APK for the TDK and install it, you are then able to build up your own ransomware. You will just need to make a ransomware message, get an unlock key, and then make an app icon for the ransomware.Once you do that, you need the mathematical formulation to make the random code, and then there will be the ability to make an animation. The animation is what will show up on the infected Android device.

Once you put in your options in those few sections, you then will need to subscribe to the app itself. You can make a payment to the developer for this and once the payment goes through, you can create as many of the custom ransomware versions as you want. So it is important to point out that you do have to pay the developer in order to have access to the ransomware variants, but once you pay, you can make 1,000 variants if you wanted for nothing more out of pocket. The builder of the ransomware will then have the APK file, which means now it is time for distribution. If someone installs the ransomware, it will be similar to that of Lockdroid. This was ransomware that you might remember from as far back as 2014.

TDK Risky for Android Users

When it comes to the ability to make a no-code ransomware program using this TDK, it definitely is pretty scary. The only half way good news here is that the TDK is in Chinese, as it seems to be more aimed at those who speak Chinese. The bad part though is that you can change the language from within the interface, so it will not really stop people who know English from using this TDK. It just will take a little longer for someone in English to figure out how to change the language.

If you have an Android device, you really should be taking precautions in order to stop new ransomware like this from getting onto your device. One thing you can do is apply all of the patches as soon as they come out and keep your device as up to date as possible. You also should not use third-party app stores to download apps and only download apps from Google Play Store. You should also use anti-malware and anti-virus on your Android device, which can help protect you from installing malicious apps or going to potentially bad websites or links. Rooting your Android device also makes malware and ransomware more likely, so be very careful if you are someone who has a rooted Android device.

  • Bad news for android user. The TDK that was just discovered, it can be found in various places all over the Internet.