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Android Texting Application Getting Makeover

Feb 24, 2017

Google has been busy these past couple days making announcements about Android and changes coming up for the operating system. One of the big changes that Google just announced was that the Android texting application is getting a makeover. The new default texting app is now Android Messages, and we are going to tell you all about the changes.

Android Messages Now Default Android Texting App

You might have noticed on Android, the default texting application was called just Messenger. Google announced today that the texting application is getting a makeover, beginning with changing the name to Android Messages. Android Messages is now going to be the default RCS application. If you have never heard of RCS before, it is basically the new generation of text messaging.

It is now becoming the standard supported by various Android manufacturers. Google supports RCS, and it offers a lot of variety compared to the older messaging platform. RCS allows you to do more in messaging, such as send multimedia messages and even read your receipts.

You can think of RCS messaging as being similar to iMessage or WhatsApp in terms of functionality and features. Android Messages is turning basically into Android, which is what Google wanted in the first place. That in part is why the name is changing to Android Messages, and it also means that this new name supports the new RCS messaging.

You can head to the Google Play Store and download Android Messages, which is great because you no longer have to wait for the system update to get the updates for Android Messages. Anytime a new version of Android Messages is released, you will get the over-the-air update or you can simply download right from Google Play.

This is also great news because it means that Android Messages will surely get updated a lot more frequently since it will not be tied into the system update anymore. System updates are a pain, in part because it is up to the manufacturers of the Android device to push out the updates. This means that people get these updates at various times, sometimes months after initial release.

Android Messenger will now become the default Android messaging app, which means that most Android manufacturers will be using this instead of the manufacturer-made messaging app. People on Android devices, regardless of manufacturer of the device, will all be running the same RCS messaging application, and this is something Google sees as a huge positive.

Android Messages will be included on Android devices by companies such as QMobile, Android One, LG, Motorola, Sony, Nokia, General Mobile, ZTE, and HTC just to name a few. MyPhone, Symphony, Condor, Fly, and Cherry Mobile also will be using this new Android Messages system.

A lot of mobile carriers are also going to be supporting this new RCS system, which makes it the universal profile. The carriers that will use this as the standard include Orange, Sprint, Vodafone, Rogers, and Globe. This means that your rich-text messages will always work. Android users will notice they will always be able to send and receive messages regardless. This is great because the new RCS standard is going to quickly become the normal way to send and receive text messages.

The bad news here though is that Samsung and Apple are not included yet, neither is T-Mobile or AT&T. Even if there is some incompatibility, since some carriers are not yet tagging along with the RCS standard, the new Android Messages will just end up going back to the regular SMS format.

Google is excited about this news because there are a lot of benefits, including how Google is now creating a new program for businesses. This program, called the Early Access Program, will allow a business to get the messages through a QR Code. This means it will be better than just a link to a website.

The messages from the businesses that are part of the Early Access Program will also show up as a verified sender instead of those small short codes like they normally do. These messages will basically act like an app. There is a lot of possibility here with this new setup. Essentially, your business will be able to send out better marketing messages in a more strategic and official looking manner.

You can start looking for the new Android Messages right now, as it should be in Google Play ready for you to download. Hopefully, this new RCS system will get more Android manufacturers to stop making their own horrible messaging system. This will also ensure that people on Android devices are all able to have the same features and functionality on their Android device through the enhanced Android Messenger platform.