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Android Users Uninstall Apps Twice as Fast as iOS Counterparts

Nov 17, 2016

A new study was released by AppsFlyer, which showed that Android users end up uninstalling apps twice as fast as iOS users. This data comes from AppFlyer which tracked more than 20 million app uninstalls from September and October 2016.

Android Users More Likely to Uninstall Apps According to Study

What AppsFlyer found when it tracked the 20 million app uninstalls was that 3 out of 10 apps end up being deleted at some point. Knowing 30% of all apps are uninstalled eventually is something that is interesting in itself. However, when AppsFlyer broke down that data and sorted it by which operating system was being used, that is when the really interesting information came to light.

What was noted was that Android apps were twice as likely to be uninstalled when compared to the iOS apps. AppsFlyer said that this statistic could also be because storage is very different on both iOS devices and Android devices. iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads have so much more storage room available, which means that users will not need to delete apps or data as often. When it comes to Android, most of the time there is not the same level of storage available, meaning that users will need to pick and choose what apps to uninstall when eventually the storage is running low.


The report did find that mobile games are more likely to be deleted on Android devices when compared to mobile games on iOS devices. AppFlyers found that 43% of all Android games end up being uninstalled at some point down the road. When you look at iOS users, only 13% of games were eventually deleted off the device. Even though you can blame storage differences between Android and iOS for some of the issues, that is still a very high discrepancy when you look at 43% to 13%. It is hard to think that the 30 point difference in game uninstalls is all because of storage issues on Android devices.

Another interesting part of the report was that AppsFlyer found out that the United States has the lowest rate of app uninstalls on Android devices. When you looked at the low-cost Android phone market in other countries, they actually had the highest rates of app uninstalls. This could be partially due to the fact that American tablets and phones have higher storage space than those lesser-quality phones and tablets made abroad.


Typically, the cheaper the Android device, the less storage space is available. Since most third-world countries have Android phones that are very cheap, they likely are not getting even half of what the storage is on American phones, which explains why the rates of uninstall in other countries is indeed very high when compared to America.