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Android Zero-Touch Enrollment Beginning Now

Oct 7, 2017

Android zero-touch enrollment is beginning right now according to Google. The new option for zero-touch enrollment will help the Android rollouts happen quicker and easier. This will be especially true for organizations who are giving out Android devices to their employees. The employees will be able to use the Android device right from the start with the new zero-touch enrollment. Read on to learn more about what the Android zero-touch enrollment is and how it could help you.

Android Zero-Touch Enrollment Options Developed by Google

Google has made some progress in how it will deploy Android devices, especially to those inside of an organization. The new method is called Android zero-touch enrollment. It allows for organizations to get Android devices that are secured without doing anything outside of the box. This new zero-touch enrollment means that employees will not need to setup the Android devices themselves once they get them. If you try to just allow the employees to setup the Android devices, it will take a lot longer and it could make things more complicated than they need to be. Both the administrators and employees find setting up the Android device for work to be sometimes lengthy and a hassle.

The zero-touch enrollment option will take away all of the complicated aspects of setting up the Android device. All of the things that you need to do to the Android device can now be done with the zero-touch enrollment option before you get it. This means that the setup is much quicker and easier. It also means that once the Android devices come, your employees will not have to worry about setup.

This new zero-touch enrollment option also means that there will be configurations that are the same across the board for everyone within the organization. For large companies, this is going to be a huge positive and will significantly cut down on hassles related to device setup. Even smaller companies will be able to benefit from the zero-touch enrollment option. That is especially true if you are not that tech savvy or you do not have a substantial IT or support team working with you.

How Android Zero-Touch Enrollment Works

One thing about the Android zero-touch enrollment that is great is the support. You will be able to immediately get your Android device working properly. This means that the support team you have if you are in a business will not be dealing with these issues. The process of setting up an Android device can be taxing on a support team. Instead of the support team working on this process, they can begin working on other things.

As far as which partners will have the zero-touch enrollment, Google is working with quite a few right now. BlackBerry, HTC, LG Electronics, Samsung, Huawei, Honeywell, Motorola, Zebra, Sonim, and Nokia are all going to be a part of this. All of these companies will have zero-touch enrollment available for organizations and enterprises. The Sony Xperia XZ1, and Mate 10 from Huawei will be the first Android devices to utilize Android zero-touch enrollment. It is pretty easy to use the new capabilities from Google.

You will be able to use the enterprise mobility management software that the providers give to you. This will include being able to use BlackBerry, IBM, Gsuite, Vmware Air Watch, and MobileIron. You will be able to apply the configurations and even the policies. All Android devices will be then updated to these configuration settings and policies during the initial setup process. You also can choose to mix up the enrollment methods too, which could be beneficial for some organizations. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon will all be involved in the new enrollment option too. If you are in an organization or a business, you can now check out the new enrollment method option to see if it would fit your needs.