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Angry Birds Evolution Pre-Registration Open on Google Play Store

May 22, 2017

If you are a fan of the Rovio classic Angry Birds, you might be excited to hear that the newest version of Angry Birds is coming to Android. The new Angry Birds game is called Angry Birds Evolution, and you can go to Google Play Store right now to pre-register for the game. We have all of the latest news about Angry Birds Evolution coming to Android, including when the game will be officially available.

Angry Birds Evolution Hits Android Next Month

The new Angry Birds Evolution game will be hitting Android in June. That is why you can now pre-register on Google Play Store to be notified the minute the game shows up on Google Play. It might still be possible to get the free starter pack for Angry Birds Evolution if you sign up on Google Play to be notified when the game is released. This free starter pack is an $8 value and is being given away to people who have pre-registered for the game. The starter pack freebie is a limited-time offer, so if you do not see it when you pre-register for Angry Birds Evolution, it means that this free offer has expired.

Even if you do not get the free $8 starter pack, it is still worth heading over to the Google Play Store to pre-register for the release of Angry Birds Evolution. This is another one of the turn-based role-playing games that we have come to know and love from Rovio, and it will be very similar to other Angry Birds games. If you have not heard, iOS users already have been playing Angry Birds Evolution because it has been on iOS since August 2016. That is quite a long time in between the iOS release of the game and the Android release of the game, so this has definitely been something we have been waiting for.

More Angry Birds Evolution News

What is even better than that is that in Germany and other European countries, Angry Birds Evolution has already hit Google Play Store. We do not really know why people in America have to wait until June to play Angry Birds Evolution on Android, but at least we are almost done with the waiting game.

Speaking of the game, did you know there are over 100 different birds in this version of Angry Birds that you can collect? You will be able to do nearly the exact same things you have done in other Angry Birds games, with the gameplay being all about you hitting pigs with the birds. You will also need to chase away the green pigs from the Bird Island.

Beyond the normal gameplay, Rovio is increasing the role of the social parts of the game. You will be able to participate in weekly events in Angry Birds Evolution, and you can even join a clan in this game. You will also notice various rewards and challenges available in this game, including tournaments where you can go player-vs-player. As far as how the game is being reviewed, over in Europe there are over 7,000 reviews this far and the game is at 4.4 stars. That is really good for Angry Birds Evolution, and it seems the new social aspects of the game are paying off for Rovio.

There is a Beta of Angry Birds Evolution out right now if you live in the United States, so you can always download the APK of the Beta if you really want to check out the game right this minute. If you can wait, you do not have to wait much longer as Angry Birds Evolution is set to become officially available on Google Play Store in June 2017. For those of you keeping track, we have less than two weeks before June is upon us, although we are not sure the specific date of the release. If you would like to be notified the second Angry Birds Evolution hits Android, you can head to Google Play right now and pre-register for the game for free.