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Any.do Smart Grocery List Feature Now Available to Everyone

Jan 4, 2019

Any.do has finally rolled out the smart grocery list feature to everyone on iOS and Android. Previously, this feature was only available to just a handful of people. It has been limited to some on iOS ever since it rolled out a few months ago. Now, everyone on both iOS and Android will be able to use the smart grocery list feature found within the Any.do to-do app.

If you are looking for a great to-do app, we definitely suggest checking out Any.do, especially now since the new feature is available for all. Keep reading to learn more about Any.do and the new smart grocery list feature rolling out right now.

Any.do Brings Smart Grocery List Feature to iOS & Android

We are super happy to tell you that Any.do has finally released the smart grocery list feature to everyone on both iOS and Android. You might have tried out this feature on iOS before, since it was released a few months ago to a small group on that mobile platform. Now, whether you have iOS or Android, you can enjoy the new feature found within the Any.do app.

This new smart grocery list feature will allow you to share your grocery list with your friends and family. That ability will allow you to make your grocery shopping trips more efficient overall. The items you put in your grocery list are automatically sorted for you depending on the category.

That means all of your fruits and vegetables will be together under the fruits and vegetables category. If you buy milk, yogurt, cheese, and other similar products, those will be under the dairy and cheese category. This means you will no longer have to run around the store multiple times to get items you need.

Any.do Smart Grocery List Feature Suggests Items Too

Another cool thing about the smart grocery list feature is that it will suggest items for you too. These item suggestions are based off of things you have previously purchased. That means if you purchase olive oil and hot dog buns, you will get these suggestions the next time that you are out shopping too. This feature is helpful if there are items that you regularly purchase at the grocery store, such as milk, eggs, bread, and similar items.

You also can add as many smart grocery lists as you want, and it works with all kinds of digital assistants. Any.do works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri to help you add your grocery list items using the voice commands on any device you own. After you make your list, you can share it and sync across all kinds of devices and shared members.

If you have roommates, this feature will come in handy to ensure you are not buying the same products when you go out grocery shopping. This list also works if you and your spouse do the shopping separately. It comes in handy so ensure that you both do not purchase more of the same product than needed.

How to Get Any.do Smart Grocery List Feature Today

If you would like to try out the Any.do smart grocery list feature, you just simply have to download the Any.do app from either Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. The app is live for everyone, which means that regardless of which platform you are on, you can get the new app right now.

You will find the smart grocery list feature is already live in the newest Any.do update. If you have this app on your iOS device already, make sure you are updated to the newest release to get the feature. On Android, simply head to Google Play Store and search for Any.do to download it today.

Once you have the app downloaded and have tried it out, we want to know what your thoughts are about it. Do you like the new smart grocery store feature that is found in both the iOS and Android versions of the app? Is this new feature one that you will use to ensure that no one is buying two of the same product? Will you use this app for you and your household to divide your grocery shopping into smaller sections?

Do you like how the app automatically puts items in categories based off of what they are? What else would you like to see come to the Any.do app in the future? If you have another to-do list app that you use instead, we want to know about that in the comments below too. What is it that you like with the other to-do app that you do not think Any.do could also do for you?