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App Icons on the Home Screen Can Be Resized on iOS 13

Jul 31, 2019

We have great news for you coming out of the newest iOS 13 beta which was released this week. The newest iOS 13 beta allows you to change the sizes of the app icons on the home screen. This is the first time that Apple has given people this type of customization ability and it’s definitely a good thing. We have all of the latest news about the app icon changes in the latest iOS 13 beta so keep reading to learn more.

App Icons Can Be Resized on the Home Screen in Newest iOS 13 Beta

If you download the newest iOS 13 beta, you will find a feature that was not announced by Apple prior to this update. The most major change you will notice is that the app icons can be resized on the home screen. This is the first time that Apple has given users the ability to change app icon sizes, and it brings a new level of customization to iOS devices. If you have been waiting for the option to change the app icon sizes for those apps on your home screen, you won’t have to wait anymore.

A more technical way to talk about this change is to say that there is a new grid layout customization option, since that’s what it really is. You can add more columns to the grid layout, which is how the apps are able to be resized. If you head into Settings, you will see the option labeled as “App Icon Size.” We are definitely excited about this change because it’s a surprise and something we never thought we’d see with Apple.

How the App Icons Size Feature Works in iOS 13

As previously stated, you can head to the settings to see the “App Icon Size” feature. In order to get this part of the iOS 13 beta update, you will need to update to the latest beta version. This feature can be found in the iOS 13 beta update 5, which was just released this week. It’s important to note that currently you can only get this feature on the iPadOS. That means those on an iPhone likely will not be able to get this new feature, although it could come later on for those on iPhones.

You will be able to change the app icon size by going into the Settings and then customize the columns for those apps on your home screen. You can use the 4×5 size if you want or you can go higher if you wish. Anything between 4×5 to 6×5 is acceptable, so that means you can only add two columns to the app size. It will be labeled as “bigger” and “more” which makes sense. It appears that on a single screen you can only go between 20 or 30 apps.

Ability to Resize App Icons Has Been a Long-Requested Feature

While the bad news is that this is only for the iPadOS and it’s not available for the iPhone, we think it’s still an awesome addition. Apple is not a company known for letting people customize apps or app icons, so this is really a huge step for the company. It’s going to be beneficial for both the accessibility aspect and also it’s a good move for the company in general.

We are happy that Apple is bringing a feature officially to the platform that people have definitely wanted in the past. People have wanted this option so bad that this option to change app sizes is actually found in many old iOS jailbreaks. Some people have decided to jailbreak their devices specifically for this ability to change app icon sizes on the home screen.

Are You Excited for the Official Release of iOS 13?

Beyond that, there are also many other additions in the latest iOS 13 beta, such as new wallpapers. You also are going to find more volume control options that will bring the total volume levels available to 34. That’s a lot of volume control options and is another way that Apple is bringing more options to the people, which is always good news. There is also a new Shortcuts option for the iOS Share Sheet, which gives you quicker access. We can’t wait until the official release of iOS 13, which is slated for September 2019.

You can find all of these new features plus many more by downloading the iOS 13 beta 5 update right now. Once you have tried it out for yourself, we want to know what you think about the iOS 13 beta in the comments below. Are you someone that enjoys all of these new volume options? Do you think the app icon resize ability will come to those on iPhone in the future? Are you upset that for now this feature is only found on the iPadOS?