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In-App Subscriptions Available on Netflix for iOS

Sep 26, 2015

Good news for people who have Netflix on their iOS device, as new features have finally come for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Netflix has now updated their iOS app to include paying the Netflix membership through iTunes. This is a very welcome feature for long-term users of the Netflix app because this is something that has been bugging people who use the app for years.

For many people, this has been something that has been requested for a long while, and it has been an issue for Netflix members who are running iOS devices. HBO Now, Spotify, and Hulu have all been using and supporting the in-app subscription feature for a long time, but Netflix was holding out on this for one reason or another. It seems though that for people who use Netflix on iOS, it’s a good thing to finally get it than never get it.


Ever since 2010, iOS users have had the ability to download Netflix, but in-app purchases were never an option, which is quite a long time to go without in-app purchasing abilities. Apple has quite a tax in terms of the App Store, often taking 30 percent of the money from the in-app purchases. There have been thoughts that this is one reason why Netflix has been reluctant to add the ability to purchase items in-app. In order to cover Apple’s share of taxes, there are some companies that have been raising subscription prices for those who subscribe in-app. Some companies have just avoided the in-app subscriptions all together so they don”t have to raise their prices or split the money with Apple.

Netflix announced this new update through Twitter, using “Orange is the New Black” in order to introduce Siri, who is the iOS digital assistant, as the inmate of Litchfield. There are rumors that Apple and Netflix might have agreed to a lower rate, but it’s not verified at this point, but either way Netflix has now added subscriptions to the iOS app, so there should not be anyone complaining about this news. If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, now you can subscribe right through the Netflix app, which is more convenient for users and much simpler.


If you watch the introductory video, “Crazy Eyes” and Taystee from “Orange is the New Black” find an iPhone that was left on a bed in Litchfield prison, and then took that as a sign that an outside person from the prison was trying to talk to them. The person the come up on is Siri, and Siri is the one that is there to help them. It is interesting because “Orange is the New Black” is the biggest original series Netflix has, so in order to promote the changes coming to iOS devices, they go with the biggest names and stars they can get to hook people into the new announcement.

While there has been many rumors about Apple and whether or not Apple is going to launch their own television series, nothing has been confirmed. If Apple does this, then it would be competing directly with Netflix and other services like HBO Now, and if that happens it is unclear how that would affect these streaming services and their agreements with Apple. At least for now, iOS users will be able to use the Netflix app in order to subscribe and pay for their services. If you have iOS 7 or above you can download the Netflix app on iOS, whether you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch 5G. Remember though that if you have Netflix on your iOS device, you need to remember whether you saved your payment information on your device, because this information could end up in the wrong hands if your device is stolen.

The best part about the in-app purchases for Netflix is that you can now use your iTunes account and the money you have in iTunes in order to pay your subscription fee. You will also be able to change your payment information, update information, and change your contact information through the app too. If you want to upgrade to the next service for Netflix you can do that on the app as well, or if you would like to cancel your Netflix subscription, you have the ability now to do all of these things with the Netflix app for iOS and all of the new features. You should be careful though if you have kids, because you do not want your children accessing your account and end up putting a charge on your credit card because they want to upgrade Netflix or get Netflix on iOS. Make sure that you keep the payment information separate from your device so that you do not get charged either from your kid playing with your app or if your phone gets stolen, you don’t want your credit card information stolen. This is also why it’s a good idea to put money on your iTunes account and then pay your Netflix subscription with the money you have sitting in your iTunes account.

For some people, this will become an added feature because instead of having to pay through their computer, they can now pay for their Netflix subscription while on the go. This is a good thing for people who are not home much or who often do not have access to a regular computer. Just make sure you carefully enter payment information in the app because it’s very easy to type the wrong credit card numbers with the small keyboard, and always verify the information before you hit submit so it does not get messed up. You also want to make sure that you are updated to the latest iOS in order to get the best service with the Netflix app, as this app won’t work if you are using anything under than 7, although it’s a good idea to upgrade to the newest iOS, which is 9.