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Apple App Store Redesign Promotes App Discovery Study Shows

May 17, 2018

A new study published by Sensor Tower is showing that the Apple App Store redesign has helped promote app discovery. It was just about eight-months ago that the App Store received a major redesign, with a huge goal in mind. The goal was really to put the editorial content front and center, giving it more emphasis overall.

That was done by including how-to content and also interviews with various developers. The “App of the Day” cateogory was also added to spotlight some of the best apps available on Apple’s App Store. It seems the new redesign has paid off, according to a new report released by Sensor Tower. We have all of the latest details about the report and how it is helping app discovery, so read on to learn more.

App Store Redesign Promoting App Discovery

The biggest benefit to the Apple App Store redesign it seems, is that the changes have promoted app discovery. Sensor Tower said that the changes that were made appear to have paid off for Apple, according to information released from Sensor Tower. The findings are showing that browsing the App Store after the redesign is leading to more apps being discovered and downloaded.

The redesigned App Store first launched back in September 2017. Before this redesign happened, only around 10 percent of downloads on Apple’s App Store were coming from the browse-driven area. Now, that number has grown to over 15 percent, which is a pretty big change for Apple. Even into 2018, it appears that browse-driven downloads are still doing very well.

Although, some of the excitement over the redesign has somewhat faded. While the browse-driven app discovery is growing, it is still not anywhere near the biggest way that people search for or download apps. Simply keyword searching for the app is the biggest driver to downloading new apps and finding new apps. The search feature remains up top with more than 65 percent of all downloads coming from a search on the App Store. Browsing, referrals, and other similar methods are doing okay, but the search is still number one on Apple’s App Store for app discovery.

Report Also Shows How Apps & Games Are Discovered After Redesigned App Store

There is a lot of other useful and cool information in the Sensor Tower report too, including how people discover both various games and apps. All of this data was collected on the app downloads from May 2017 through April 2018. In that time frame, it was found that 56 percent of all game downloads were from searches on Apple’s App Store. When you looked at everything else besides games, searching led to 69 percent of the app downloads.

Browsing itself ended up accounting for 24 percent of all game downloads on Apple’s App Store. Non-game downloads only were at 9 percent through the browsing itself. So it appears that people on iOS are really looking for the new content that has come with the redesigned App Store. The “Editor’s Choice” and other editorial sections are becoming a huge asset to people looking to try new games. The redesigned App Store also is bringing things like video previews of games, which also seems to be helping in the app discovery process.

App Discovery Changing & Growing on iOS

The biggest takeaway here is that the app discovery process is evolving on iOS and changing. Part of this is the huge redesign effort. A report last month from Sensor Tower showed just how the redesign is impacting Apple’s App Store. When it came to the game downloads, those that were “Game of the Day” ended up increasing downloads by over 800 percent. The apps that were featured and highlighted ended up with nearly a 700 percent increase in downloads.

This all goes to show just how the editorial content on Apple’s App Store is changing how people find and download apps. For Apple, this is all very good news because the marketplace has grown so much, it is hard for people to find or browse quickly. Highlighting some of the best content through the new editorial pages is allowing people to find the apps and games that they might want to try out.

We want to hear from you in the comments below about the app discovery process on iOS. Do you think the redesign has played a major role in helping people choose apps and games to download? Are you a fan of the new editorial content and the spotlight on some of the best iOS apps. Is this all going to help you find what you are looking for or will you continue to just use the keyword search function? Tell us in the comments below what you think of the new iOS App Store redesign and if you think it is working out for you.