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Apple Bans AirPods Finder App from App Store

Jan 18, 2017

In some interesting news, Apple has decided to ban the app called Finder for AirPods. This app was just released last week by the developer, Deucks Pty. The app was labeled as “not appropriate” for the Apple App Store by Apple, thus that is why the app has been banned from the App Store.

Apple Bans AirPods Finder App for Being Inappropriate

The Finder for AirPods app was a hit in the week that it was released. This app would use your iPhone in order to track down your AirPods. This worked through the app tracking the Bluetooth wireless signal that the AirPods would emit. Once the signal was found, the two AirPods units would show up as a line on the app, and then it would tell you if you were closer or farther away from the AirPods. The app used the signal strength from the AirPods to determine where the AirPods were located.

When it comes to the AirPods, people were anxious about how easy it seems that you could lose them. AirPods are nothing more than two small unconnected speakers, similar to earbuds but without the wires. At first people were excited about the AirPods, but then reality set in about just how quickly you could lose one or both of the AirPods.


At $69 a pop for a replacement, it was definitely a worrisome item for a lot of people. That is why when this Finder for AirPods app was released, people were pretty excited. In fact, people were so excited that the app managed to be rated 4.5 stars on Apple’s App Store.

On early Monday, people noticed that this app was gone from the App Store, and the developer Deucks Pty said that it will not be coming back into the App Store. Basically, Apple’s entire reason was that this app was not appropriate for the App Store, and the concept was not even appropriate. When it comes to the apps in Apple’s App Store, there are plenty of apps that have been removed through the years. Sometimes it is improper use of the Apple hardware or software and other times it could be for inappropriate content, such as violence.

The worst part about this is that Apple will tell you that it is $69 to replace the AirPods each, which is pretty serious and a lot of money for some people. The AirPods are $159 for the set, so it is saving you a little bit of money on the replacements but it is not very much at all. These wireless earphones have only been out about a month, which might be why the price is still pretty significant for the earphones. It looks like Apple really might have a problem with the app since it would help people save money and Apple would lose money that people would be paying for the replacements.

Another issue also could be the tracking that this app uses in order to find the AirPods. This could be bad in terms of another app using Apple hardware and software codes and signal emissions. It is hard to say exactly what Apple had a problem with when it comes to the AirPod Finder app, but apparently it is serious enough that the “concept” was deemed inappropriate. If you purchased this app you will be refunded so you should not have to worry about that part at least.