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Apple Brings New Safari Tracking Protections in iOS 12

Jun 10, 2018

While we have told you a couple of things about iOS 12, we wanted to tell you about the Safari tracking protections that are going to be part of this update. The Worldwide Developers Conference held last week allowed us to know even more about iOS 12. You probably missed this in the week of amazing announcements put out by Apple. One of the biggest revelations out of the WWDC was that Apple was going to be putting limitations on Safari.

These limitations are all about how various companies are able to track the users on Safari. For some third-party apps like Google and Facebook, this is going to be an issue. When it comes to the Safari user though, these new limitations are going to be great news for those worried about privacy and where their data is going. Keep reading to learn more about the Safari tracking protections and how this new limitation will work on iOS 12.

Safari Tracking Protections Rolling Out in iOS 12

Online privacy, including on mobile devices, is a very hot topic right now. The General Data Protection regulations coming out of the European Union are part of the issue. Cambridge Analytica and the whole Facebook issue has also become a topic when it comes to privacy online.

During the WWDC last week, Apple talked about the new Safari tracking protections which are coming in iOS 12. These protections will essentially limit how a company can track you while you are using the Safari browser on iOS. For companies like Google and Facebook, these new limitations will become a problem since they use analytics.

As far as what we know when it comes to the Safari tracking protections, we know it will use Intelligence Tracking Prevention. This is called ITP for short, and these tools will provide you options to block tracking by default. There will be tools that allow you to block sharing or liking, and other similar analytics that many third-party apps like Facebook use.

As a user of Safari, you will need to opt-in proactively once iOS 12 hits. The opt-in will be for these third-party apps to track your activities online. You will also have to opt-in if you want other information shared. This would include your contacts and other stored information from your iOS device.

Safari Tracking Protections Aim to Limit Company Tracking Tools

There are also going to be a lot of other limitations on iOS 12 when it comes to third-party companies and apps. Fingerprinting is going to be limited as well. That is where companies can monitor the devices that are going to the website using the browser.

When it comes to Safari tracking protections, the ability to limit fingerprinting is definitely going to be useful. For advertisers, this limitation on fingerprinting is going to make things more difficult. The advertisers will not really know how their advertisements are reaching the audience since these new limitations will be in place.

You will also notice that the new iOS 12 is not just limited to Safari tracking protections. There is also now the ability for Safari to flag when you have reused a password. This means you will be able to quickly and easily change the password to something else, which is another line of protection. Other protections include the ability to not be tracked now based on your iOS system configuration.

What the Safari Tracking Protections Mean For You

When it comes to iOS devices, many people keep a lot of personal information on them, and most of the time you have to give up your privacy in order to use various apps, such as Facebook. Apple said that the user should always be in control of who sees this personal information and other sensitive data. That is where the Safari tracking protections come into place. A lot of people are going to find these protections useful and beneficial. It definitely makes some people feel safer on their iOS device.

We know that there were a ton of details released during the WWDC, so we want to know what you thought overall of the presentations. Did you like how Apple talked about these tracking protections and what it meant for the iOS user? The shift seems to be to make the user happy over the companies or third-party brands. Is this a trend that you think will continue into the future or do you think the advertisers will win in the end? What are you most worried about when it comes to privacy on your iOS device?