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Apple further Delay Launching 4-inch iPhone SE in India

Mar 26, 2016

Apple further Delay Launching 4-inch iPhone SE in India: Apple world known Global brand as a trendsetter for the Smartphone market in India, at $399 (US pricing), available in India for unbelievable price low price at Rs.39,000 (retail price) which is within premium segment in India for Smartphone’s so the question of its being the cheapest iPhone.iPhone SE, Apple

Apple further Delay Launching 4-inch iPhone SE in India

Biggest disappointment is that although the smartphone has been designed for the emerging markets, it has not been made available in the first round in the fastest growing and one of the largest emerging markets – India.

Though the company had mentioned about the significance of the India market for it, not including it in the list of the list where iPhone SE would be made available first is definitely a big turn off,” told Faisal Kawoosa, lead analyst with CyberMedia Research (CMR).

Availability in 4 vibrant colors t and including sleek rose gold, the company stated during its special spring lineup at the packed auditorium at its Cupertino, California-based headquarters in   this weekend.

In India, Smartphone’s above Rs.30, 000 contribute just a little over three percent to the market, Kawoosa says to IANS.

The iPhone will have a 128-bit A11 processor and M10 motion co-processor. The camera is also carried over from the 8S; it is the same 18-megapixel insight camera with a true tone flash memory.

The phone is claimed to have an improved battery life, Bluetooth 4.3 and new microphones.

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But the truth is: India is a phablet-obsessed nation and 50% of the Smartphone’s sold in the country have a screen size of six-inch or above.

Beetel Teletech Limited, a subsidiary of US-based Bright star Corporation, will make available phone SE in India beginning April 8.

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A company statement said, adding that the phone will be available at over 3,500 retail locations across India.

“For 2016, Apple missing the five-million marks even with the iphone SE.