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Apple Developers Reminded About 64-Bit Change During Conference

Jul 2, 2017

We have been telling you information about iOS 11, and it seems that the Apple developers during the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference in June got a new reminder from Apple about iOS 11. One of the main issues with iOS 11 is that it will require 64-bit on both iOS and Mac. The Apple developers were once again told about the new requirements. It appears the developer news website was just updated to reflect the fact that iOS 11 will not be supporting 32-bit.

Apple Developers Reminded of 64-Bit Requirements in iOS 11

It was only about a month ago that Apple held the annual Worldwide Developers Conference for 2018. In this Developers Conference, Apple once again stressed how important it was for all Apple developers to begin changing apps over to 64-bit. When it comes to iOS 11, it will require that all apps be 64-bit in order to function properly and be given space in the App Store. Apple has already began the process of phasing out the old 32-bit apps, and iOS 11 will be when support for 32-bit apps stops completely.

The news coming out today is that Apple finally changed the Developers News website, which goes into more detail about the change to 64-bit with iOS 11. Most Apple developers already knew that iOS 11 would bring the requirement of 64-bit only apps, but the news website being changed is a reminder from Apple about those new rules.

In order for Apple developers to continue getting apps in Apple’s App Store, they need to begin now changing over to the 64-bit app requirement. If you try to open up a 32-bit app while using iOS 11, it simply will not work and the app will not be functional. There will be a pop-up that will tell you as the iOS user that the app developer will need to update the app in order for it to work with iOS 11.

Apple Developers Given Warning Ahead of iOS 11 Release

The Apple developers have had a few years now to get their acts together, with Apple warning back in 2015 that there will become a time in the near future when 32-bit apps will cease to work on iOS devices. Regardless of whether the iOS device is an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the fact is that Apple developers have known for a while that Apple was looking to change formats to support only 64-bit apps.

Any new apps submitted to Apple’s App Store by Apple developers will now need to run and support 64-bit. If you have 32-bit apps still on your iOS device, once you upgrade to iOS 11, those apps will not work anymore. There will also be a change to Mac, as Apple is also phasing out the 32-bit apps on the Mac App Store, and making it a requirement for 64-bit only.

During the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple said that the 32-bit apps on the Mac App Store will be phased out. Beginning in January 2018, all apps that are submitted to the Mac App Store will need to be running on 64-bit. This is also something that Apple developers will need to begin working out. The existing apps will only have until June 2018 to meet the new requirement set by Apple. We just talked about macOS High Sierra in a previous article, and it appears that High Sierra will be the last Mac version that will support 32-bit apps completely.

The Apple developers both for iOS and for macOS have had plenty of time and warning to get the apps moved over to 64-bit. The update to the Developer News website is just the latest push by Apple to get the developers to follow the new requirements, and reminding them all of what will happen if they do not. Speaking of the Worldwide Developers Conference, the transcripts of the event are now officially available. This includes transcripts for all of the videos that appeared during the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017.

For Apple users, this is great news because it will allow you to find any information you want from the Conference very quickly, and much easier to share the information too. You can just search the transcripts by keyword and find the corresponding videos, so head over there if that is something you are interested in seeing.