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Apple Earns Millions in App Store Revenue New Year’s Day

Jan 6, 2017

Apple just recently announced that the company had one of the best days ever on New Year’s Day. Apple ended up making $240 million in revenue from the App Store on New Year’s Day, which is a huge amount of money for the company for just one day.

New Year’s Day Becomes Busiest Day Ever for Apple

When you look at New Year’s Day, it was a blockbuster day for Apple. The company just announced that it made $240 million in one day within the Apple App Store, which the company has dubbed the busiest day ever. When you look at 2016, the app developers ended up making $20 billion, which was an increase of 40 percent from 2015 numbers. If New Year’s Day is any indication, 2017 might be an ever better year for both Apple and the developers.

For Apple, this type of announcement is pretty big news because Apple is not one to typically say too much in terms of revenue, sales or other types of information. For example, while Apple did say the company made $240 million on New Year’s Day, Apple did not say too much about the statistics or sales of specific apps or categories. The top grossing apps of 2016 included “Super Mario Run” and “Pokemon Go.” No real statistics were released although “Super Mario Run” was the most downloaded app on both New Year’s Day and Christmas Day.

In December alone, there was $3 billion made on the App Store, and Apple said this made December a record-breaking month. That oddly does coincide with the release of “Super Mario Run” which also was in December, so it is possible a lot of the sales did end up being from this game alone, along with the ever-popular “Pokemon Go.”


By the time January 1, 2017 was over, the App Store and the developers made a total of $240 million. That is impressive, but there are now over 2.2 million apps on Apple’s App Store, which is an increase of 20 percent from 2015. It could be the ever-growing apps that are now available that is helping Apple and the developers make more money in the App Store. With just one day being the biggest day ever for Apple’s App Store, 2017 looks like it could break the record of 2016 which was $20 billion in revenue.

What is even better is that there are more independent apps making a huge splash on the App Store, with “Lumino City” and “djay pro” being a couple of the most successful apps in 2016. These are just a couple of the independent apps that have been really gaining traction and getting downloads from iOS users all over the world.

While you might be thinking that Apple keeps all of this money it makes, that is actually not true. Apple is known to donate a lot of money to charity, with a lot of this money being money that was directly from the revenue in the Apple App Store. Apple does a lot of work globally, such as raising money to fight AIDS and raising money for the World Wildlife Fund. Apps for Earth are the campaign to help out the World Wildlife Fund while Product RED is the AIDS campaign. The App Store has been able to raise over $17 million for these projects alone, which is pretty impressive. Even the App Store over in China has been doing very well, with the market growing 90 percent in 2016 alone. Now, when you look at top-grossing regions, you have United States, China, Japan, and then the U.K.

This was not the only news Apple gave out today either. Apple also announced that there are over 21,000 different iMessages apps available for installation. Sensor Tower put out a report back in September which said that only 2,000 iMessage apps were available within Apple’s App Store. So when you look at September until now, the addition of 19,000 iMessages apps is a really good increase for iOS users. When you look at the most popular types of apps for iMessage, the sticker-related types of apps are still the biggest market, with iOS users really loving these sticker apps. On a similar but related note, the revenue Apple has made from subscription-based services increased 74 percent within 2016. The various subscriptions like Netflix, Tinder, MLB, and HBO Now, have generated over $2.7 billion in subscription fees for the company. If New Year’s Day is any example, it looks like 2017 might be the biggest year for Apple yet.

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