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Apple Error 53 is finally fix by the company

Feb 20, 2016

Apple Error 53 is finally fix by the company: The giant tech company, Apple now releases the fix for the Error called 53 bugs. The bug that was causing a lot of problems to all the iPhone devices is now fixed. Thus, recently the company launched an update called the iOS 9.2.1 which contains a remedy for the bug. The update was specially released so as to overcome problems due to the bug. Certain functionalities of iPhones were suppressed due to this bug and now they will be restored.

Apple Error 53 is finally fix
Apple Error 53 is finally fix

The update also comes with modified home screen features, which ensures that your home screen button still remains functional and effective even if you get them repaired from unauthorised repair or service centres. This was a huge sigh of relief for all the iPhone and iPad users. Also read, Apple claims “Error 53” iPhones are no more saf.

Thus, if you are ever trapped by the Error 53 bug, here are the points that will help you get rid of it:

  • You can update you iTunes either on your Mac book or on your PC. Always be cautious and check whether your devices are connected to the internet throughout the procedure.
  • You can also try to switch off and on your devices. You can do so by holding the sleep button and the home buttons simultaneously for duration of ten seconds.
  • You can also connect your Apple devices to your Mac book or PC; remember to connect it with the original cable that comes with your device. Then you can click on the restore option which is provided. Then your iTunes gets updated to the latest version. This usually takes 15 minutes to an hour which generally depends on the internet speed.
  • After the update is done, you need to install it by accepting the prompts that occur on your screen.

The bug was actually a problem which occurred if the home screen button was repaired or even replaced by an unauthorized service centre. The bug is now fixed.