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Apple extends push into businesses with SAP tie-up

May 9, 2016

Apple extends push into businesses with SAP tie-up: On Thursday, In the corporate computing world Apple Inc is taking another step by partnering with the SAP to develop apps that will run on the German companies that widely uses business software on the tablets and smartphones, stated by the two companies.Apple

Apple extends push into businesses with SAP tie-up

The giant of consumer electronics, which historically has remained aloof from unglamorous but the potentially lucrative market for the enterprise software that has in the partnership with IBM from the past two years, the Cisco Systems and now with the SAP that will enable the Apple products to reach a growing audience of the business professionals.

SAP, whose business software runs inside the 87 percent of the world’s 2,000 biggest companies, said that it would work with Apple to develop the mobile business apps for iPad and iPhone that will run on the HANA database software.

In two decades HANA software represents SAP’s the biggest new platform. SAP is now seeking to entice its vast base of the multinational corporate customers to convert their packaged of classic software for managing the human resources, manufacturing, financial planning and external supply chains by moving to the cloud-based software run over the Internet and the HANA database.

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The collaboration with the Apple makes the HANA available not just with iPad-toting executives but also to the edge workers on the field, stated by Kevin Ichhpurani, the executive vice president for the strategic business development at the SAP. The newer rivals like the Salesforce.com and ServiceNow are already targeting field workers with the some products that will run on the smartphones.

A study of 2014 software maker VMware showed that the Apple’s reputation as anything but the business-computer supplier is out of the date. It is found that two-thirds of the corporate enterprises now will allow the employees to use the Apple computers as well as the traditional Microsoft Windows products.

Last year in September, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook boasted that the Apple’s enterprise business had generated around $25 billion. A vast majority of its revenue continues to come from the computers, phones and the related services aimed at the consumers.