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Apple Inc customers were targeted by hackers using software ‘ransomware’

Mar 7, 2016

Apple Inc customers were targeted by hackers using software ‘ransomware’: The Apple Inc users were targeted by hackers over this entire weekend. The hackers used a software called ransomware to attack the Macintosh computers, this being their first campaign against these computers.anonymous hackers hacking, Apple Inc customers

Apple Inc customers were targeted by hackers using software ‘ransomware’

According to Ryan Olson, Director of Palo Alto Threat Intelligence, on Friday a malware called the “KeRanger” had appeared and this was the first functioning ransomware which attacked Apple’s Mac Computers.

Ransomware is one of the fastest growing cyber threats which first encrypt data on infected machines and then it asks the users of these machines to pay ransom via digital currencies which are difficult to trace. The users are demanded this ransom in exchange of an electronic key which would enable them to retrieve their data. According to securities experts, this particular cyber crime generates a ransom of around hundreds of millions of dollars in just one year. The experts have also stated that these cyber criminals usually target Microsoft Corp’s Windows operating system.

This weekend, the hackers targeted Apple’s Mac computers and they attacked the computers through the infected copy of the famous program called Tran

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Transmission is a program which transfers data via the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing network and its latest version, which was released on Friday, was infected with the malware and therefore the users who downloaded this software into their computers got their device hacked.

A representative of Apple Inc has stated that the company had taken measures to prevent further attacks from taking place. The company has invalidated the digital certificate that enabled this malware to install in Mac.

Not only Apple Inc, but also Transmission responded to this attack and they have replaced the malicious version of the software with the improved version which would automatically remove the ransomware from the infected Macs. The new version is available on the software’s website, www.transmissionbt.com.

Palo Alto said on his blog that the KeRanger stays inactive for three days after attacking the computer and after three days it gets connected to the attacker’s server and from there it starts encrypting, thereby making them inaccessible. After the encryption, the malware demands a ransom of $400 or of 1 bitcoin.

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He also added that the users whose machine has got compromised but not cleaned up would lose access to data by Monday.