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Apple iOS 10.2 Still Creating Battery Life Issues

Jan 6, 2017

When it comes to Apple iOS 10, there have been many issues going on with the battery. A lot of people have complained that the battery dies once the battery percentage reaches around 30 percent. With iOS 10.2, people thought that there would be a fix for the battery issue or that it would not happen anymore, but the truth is that now even more people are seeing the iOS battery drainage issue.

iOS Battery Issues Persisting on iOS 10.2

So many people have been complaining that iOS 10 is killing battery life, especially on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 7. This has been an ongoing issue for users of many different iOS devices, and it took Apple quite a long time to even acknowledge there was a problem. For the longest time, Apple was saying that the battery drainage issue only affected a “small number” of people and would not believe that so many people were really having issues. Finally, though, after a while of multiple users complaining about the battery issue, Apple finally said that the issue was impacting more people than it should have. Apple continued though to say that the issue was intentional, meant to protect the iPhone from certain situations, such as cold weather or environmental factors.

Because of so much going on with Apple, iOS 10.2 was really anticipated and was one of the most talked about iOS updates in a long time. The update was even popular weeks in advance of the iOS 10.2 update, which included reasons such as people hoping the new update would fix the battery draining problems. When you talk about iOS 10.2, there was also popularity about this update because of the jailbreaking factor. Various jailbreaking websites and companies were happy that there would finally be a solution to iOS 10, which had been out for quite a while by this point.


There was also a lot of anticipation for iOS 10.2 because of the features and various functionalities that were coming to Apple devices with this update. Not only was there hype due to the features of iOS 10.2, but there was also hype because iOS 10.2 was put through several beta tests. All in all, there was 7 different beta tests for iOS 10.2, which is quite a bit for an iOS update, especially a small update and not an entirely new iOS version. The last beta update for iOS 10.2, which was number 7, added a lot of capabilities for iOS in the defense department. It is because of beta 7 that many jailbreaking companies and websites were unable to really crack the code into iOS 10.2. The lack of ability to jailbreak of course led these companies and groups to become upset and frustrated because they could not crack the software as they thought they would be able to easily.

The good news is that iOS 10.2 is finally out, but the bad news is that not much really came with the update. Other bad news is that issues like the battery drainage problem still exist, and for some people, it might have even gotten worse. Some users are reporting that they now have the iOS battery drainage issue, whereas they did not have the problem before updating to iOS 10.2. Other people are not that happy because they feel iOS 10.2 was way overhyped for the features and capabilities that were released with the update. People had expected a lot more from iOS 10.2 so they ended up being disappointed with the final product.

When it comes to the battery issue, many people are now saying that their phones are turning off once the battery reaches that dreaded 30 percent that we have been hearing about for a while. So many people thought that the 30 percent battery issue would be fixed in iOS 10.2, but it appears it is now getting worse than it was before. The fix, at least temporarily, was to downgrade back to iOS 10.1.1 or iOS 10.1. However, once Apple got wind of people downgrading their devices, the company put a stop to that with the quickness. Now, you can no longer downgrade your iOS device from 10.2 to 10.1.1 in order to help alleviate the problems with the battery life.

Apple is not happy people were downgrading their devices, so of course, the company took away all ability to do so. That just leaves people more upset as Apple still has not put out any type of fix for the known 30 percent battery bug. The only thing Apple has done is to make it possible to exchange your battery, but only if your phone met certain criteria.

The main criterion is that your phone had to have been purchased between the dates of September to October 2015. You will get a replacement battery for free and can head to the website to see if your phone is part of the replacement program. So for now, you should be leery if you download iOS 10.2, because even if you were not previously affected by the battery bug, downloading the update might end up causing your device to become part of the group who is seeing this issue. It is not known whether or not Apple will say or do anything else to help those who are seeing this problem either, which is also an issue that is making Apple device owners upset.