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Apple iOS Market Share Rises as Android Falls Slightly

May 11, 2017

Kantar Worldpanel just released a new report that shows Apple iOS market share has increased in the first quarter of 2018. The Apple iOS market share increased 5.2 percent within the United States. This means that iOS was 38.9 percent of all of the smartphone sales this year. This is actually really good for iOS, which has struggled lately to compete with Android. Read on to learn more about Apple iOS market share figures and the Android market share figures, which did not do as well as expected.

Apple iOS Market Share Rises in 2018 as Android Falls

The good news here is that iOS market share has increased by 5.2 percent in America, and also saw a pretty big increase in the UK. When it came to the Apple iOS market share in the UK, it went up to 40.4 percent, which is pretty amazing. When it comes to Android though, it ended up being 59.2 percent of all smartphone sales, which is a decrease when compared to last year. In 2016, Android was 63.4 percent of all smartphone sales, so there is definitely a slight fall going on with the Android share.

Kantar Worldpanel offered up a thought of as to why Android might have fallen like it did. Kantar Worldpanel believes that lack of Moto and Samsung smartphone sales really contributed to this decrease. The only bad news about the Apple iOS market share is that it did decrease to the lowest level since 2014 over in China. In China, iOS is only 12.4 percent of the market share whereas Android increased in growth by 87.2 percent. Even though Apple ended up decreasing in China, the iPhone 7 still had the highest part of the market with 3.8 percent. When it comes to China, most of the local manufacturers end up taking most of the market, including Huawei which is still number one in the market. Samsung ended up going down to sixth place with only 5 percent of smartphone sales.

More Details on Apple iOS Market Share & Report

When you look at the EU5, iOS only increased 1.9 percent totaling 20.7 percent. Android on the other hand, led with 76.3 percent of all sales, which is pretty impressive. The Chinese brands and manufacturers have become more of a thing across the various EU5 countries. The Chinese brands now account for 22 percent of the smartphone sales, and Huawei is becoming very popular over in the UK. Huawei is now 6.3 percent of all sales, which is a high for the company outside of China.

Within the United States, Apple is 39 percent of the market share, while 30 percent of the share goes to Samsung and 12 percent goes to LG. Samsung is now expected to have a higher market share both in America and other countries since the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ is now available. Due to the release of both of these models of Samsung devices, we should see Samsung regaining ground across the globe in the next report. When it comes to Apple iOS market share, you can expect that it too will be going up. There will be new iPhones in 2018, which should help Apple increase in all territories, including possibly China where sales have been falling.

So the biggest takeaway here with the Apple iOS market share news is that Apple is gaining ground on Android overall, even though there is a slump right now in China. With the new Galaxy devices from Samsung and the new iPhones from Apple later this year, we expect to see Apple gain more ground and Samsung get back up to normal numbers for the reports later in this year and into early next year. Hauwei is making a lot of progress as a big company, although mostly in China and the EU5. It seems that Android even though it is still king, is losing some ground within the smartphone market, although it will be unlikely that Apple will really catch up to it in the countries outside of the United States.