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Apple iPhone 7 Body Pictures Leaked Online

May 23, 2016

Apple iPhone 7 Body Pictures Leaked Online: New images detailing of the rear casing of the iPhone 7 have now emerged revealing some interesting details. So, if the pictures are real, then the upcoming model may have the best sound performance that has ever seen on the iPhone.Apple iPhone 7 Body Picture


– The smartphone appears to lack the 3.5mm audio jack

– A case maker says the iPhone 7 may house four speaker grilles.

– Apple may look to LG to manufacture some dual-cameras.

The iPhone 7 rear casing reveals that there might be the four speaker grilles on this year’s iPhone. This refutes all the previous rumours, as some people suggest that at the back of the iPhone7 may ditch 3.5mm audio jack, at the bottom to house the two speaker grilles, but so far no leaks have shown four speaker grilles. According to the leak through Nowhereelse, on the bottom there are two speaker grilles, on the top there are two housed and adjacent to the lightning port. We also don’t see any sign of 3.5mm audio jack.

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With the previous reportage this is in line that suggests that the audio will now be connected through the Bluetooth wireless devices or the lightning port. On the top-right of the smartphone, the camera seems to be housed, however the flash and the mic at the bottom but not on the sides. The hole of the camera also seems to be larger than the one that is seen on the iPhone 6s, indicating some more aperture leading to the better quality photos. By capturing more details aperture ascertains the amount of the light that enters into the lens.Apple iPhone 7 Body Pictures Leaked Online

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Nomura Securities analyst also suggests that even though the dual camera setup may only be exclusive to iPhone 7 Plus, to the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 Apple may bring optical image stabilization. Some of the past leaks suggests that the Apple is looking forward to make iPhone 7 1mm slimmer and introduce the Smart Connector at the back for connecting charging docks or Smart Keyboard cover.