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Apple iPhone 7S set for release date: Report

Mar 28, 2016

Apple iPhone 7S set for release date: iPhone 7 UK release date, price, specification & new feature rumours, leaked photo of Lightning-enabled Apple earphones appear online.

Apple yesterday night unveiled a new stylish Smart iPhone, but it wasn’t the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be launched in September, potentially alongside a third iPhone – and the fourth within this year. Apple iPhone 7 UK release date, UK price and specification rumours reported.Apple Logo

Apple iPhone 7S set for release date: Report

Below we have set up rumours from around the web as well as making our own predictions based on what Apple has done in the past. The formula is clearly working for the company so it’s unlikely it will deviate from the tried and tested update process this year.

But the latest reports say that Apple might struggle to meet demand for the phone 7 due to damage caused by an earthquake in Taiwain to Apple supplier TSMC’s factories.

Don’t be confused by the rumoured Apple iPhone lannounced an event that took place on 21 March. This was for the iPhone SE, the ‘mini’ iPhone that is thought to be the first of several new iPhones launching this year.

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The latest rumour comes from a concept video by DeepMind of what an iPhone 7 would look like with an edge-to-edge display. And it looks pretty cool.

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Another concept image of an iPhone 7 with an edge-to-edge display emerged in early 2016 from iPhone-Tricks.com. It’s a bit out-there and is unlikely to be quite accurate, but it also shows what iOS 10 might look like including an interesting idea that some of the icons could be bigger in a ‘widget’ style familiar to Android users.