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Apple iPhone Source Code Just Leaked Online

Feb 12, 2018

In a stunning situation, the Apple iPhone source code was leaked online. This was not a full source code, but it was the source code that allowed your iPhone to boot up. The process on iOS is known as “iBoot” and this is responsible for starting up your iPhone system. Basically, this process ensures that the codes are originating from Apple and are valid. If you have an iPhone, you might want to read this to learn more about what source codes were leaked.

Parts of iPhone Source Code Leaks Online

Considering how tight the security measures are with Apple, it is pretty shocking that parts of the iPhone source code were leaked online. The source code was first posted onto GitHub, which had since been removed. Even though it was removed from GitHub, as with everything else, it is still found online in other places. The biggest cause of concern with this iPhone source code leaking online is that it could allow for hackers to make a jailbreak much easier. The vulnerabilities from iOS are more likely to be found with the source code out there online.

Apple has always been very careful about safeguarding information. With the leak of this source code, it could be the biggest leak in Apple history. While it is not confirmed it is the biggest leak for Apple, most other leaks have been very minor in comparison. This is not an open-source code either, which is also another concern for Apple. Unlike Google and Android devices, Apple does not really give out the source coding for any reason, due to the possibility of it being used by someone else to make a competing system.

Apple iPhone Source Code Leaked- Apple Isn’t Too Worried

Apple said it is not too worried about the iPhone source code being leaked. Mostly due to there being a ton of other protections built into the hardware and software. That means the source code is not the only layer to the boot operations. Apple did send a copyright notice and said that this source code, which is “iBoot” is proprietary. Most of the code was also older, since it was from about three years ago. It was the code that was used for iOS 9. Even though the iPhone source code was for iOS 9, there is still some parts of the source code that are possibly being used in iOS 11.

As for the security implications, it seems Apple does not think there will be any. Part of that is due to it being a source code from over three years ago. Another part of that is that other protections are in place to prevent security issues. Apple did confirm though, that this was legitimate iPhone source code. The biggest concern at this point is the possibility it could be used to create a jailbreak easier. Even though only parts of the iPhone source code might still be relevant, it does leave the door open to hackers. If only part of the source code is in use, it would not be that hard for a hacker to figure it out.

With the past couple iOS systems, it has become more difficult for a hacker to build a jailbreak. Now that this particular iPhone source code has been leaked though, it could mean jailbreaks could be easier once again. We will just have to wait and see if there is any long term impact on Apple from the source code being leaked. By all accounts, it seems that an employee or ex-employee is responsible for this leak. We do not know for sure though or have any details about who leaked this information on GitHub.