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Apple iTunes Adds a “Shopping” Category

Nov 11, 2015

In a lot of ways and through many different methods, Apple has often times outwitted or outmaneuvered Google’s Android operating system. Whether it be with new apps, new features or functions, or even just new categories in the App Store. One area though that Android was ahead of iOS however was that in the Google Play Store, there has long been a shopping section for Android users. Luckily for iOS users, Apple announced that the Apple App Store, also called iTunes, received a crucial update, which now gives iOS users a “Shopping” section in the App Store.

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The new Shopping section in the iOS App Store was designed to help give iOS users a better and more efficient e-commerce experience. Some of the apps that you might find in the shopping section deal with helping the consumer have a better shopping experience, which could be price comparisons and coupon apps, apps that offer auctions or information about auctions.

There is also online shopping, product reviews, and many other shopping-related topics that consumers search for and research before deciding on which product to purchase. Up until this latest update, a lot of the more useful shopping apps were all scattered within the Lifestyle category, and this made it very hard to search between the apps and decide which apps were good or which were bad, and it just made it way too complicated.

Apple Pay is available on a lot of the brand apps and by adding the Shopping category into the App Store, it will also help consumers find those apps that use Apple Pay, which is the iOS mobile payments service. While a lot of people will find out that Apple Pay is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface, the retailers have to install the supported devices so that customers will be able to pay with Apple Pay, which is done by using their fingerprint through the Touch ID feature.

Some more good news for iOS users too, as the Shopping section will also feature a lot more perks including a “Save While You Shop” group of applications. These “Save While You Shop” apps include good discounts to various merchants such as Groupon, Nordstrom, Everlane, and Zappos. If you go through Zappos, you get one-day free shipping, which is part of what makes Zappos great. You can get one-day free shipping at Zappos for a ton of different products, and it will also show you the items that are exclusive to the app itself, which means that these special items are only available to the app users and are not available through the website or in the store. Some items that are exclusively for the app include specific UGG clothing and clothing from The North Face. Nordstrom is also about to release a new feature to customers, which would be free gifts that are available to you if you spend $100 within the Nordstrom apps.

There are a lot of other rumors going on right now in regards to the Shopping section of Apple’s App Store, including that it can even be reached through tvOS. While tvOS offers two categories, which are Games and Entertainment, it would not be out of the question that at some point you will be able to do your shopping through there as opposed to going to physical stores, although nothing has been confirmed about the Shopping feature as whether or not it will become available on tvOS. Not a word on whether it is coming to tvOS soon and not a word on whether it is even coming at all, again, this is some rumor and speculation coming from various “sources” as Apple has not commented on this tvOS possibility as of yet.


If you login to the Shopping category between November 5 and November 12, you will be able to get some really cool discounts and deals. Some of these deals include a free Everlane product if you purchase an item from Everlane that is on the marked items list. Groupon is offering app users the ability to get in-app messages which will link them to a huge list of special deals for the entire week.

GILT is also offering a deal for the week, which would give the app users early access to various products and brands, such as Oliver Peoples and Marc by Marc Jacobs. REI is offering app users a $20 discount if they spend $100 or more using the app. Walgreens for the entire month of November is offering a 30 percent discount on photo orders if you choose to have your photos delivered through the app. Other special deals and discounts await those who want to use the Shopping section to purchase products so go check it out.

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