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Apple iWork Apps Updated on iOS & Mac

Jun 13, 2017

If you have an Apple device, you might be excited to learn that Apple just released an update to the Apple iWork apps. The update is for both iOS devices and Mac computers. In this new update to the Apple iWork apps, you will find new features and tools to help you increase your productivity both professionally and personally. Read on to learn more about Apple iWorks and the new changes coming in this update.

Apple iWork Apps Get Updates on iOS & Mac

When we talk about Apple iWork apps, we are talking specifically about Numbers, Pages, and Keynote. These apps have all been updated on both Mac and iOS, and the new features allow you to enhance your productivity levels across the board. You even will have access to the 500 plus shapes, which are all professionally drawn. In the update, there is also a way to join the threaded conversations and even reply to comments. These are just a couple of the new features that are available to all of the Apple iWork apps, and there is even more than that going on in the newest update.

We also see that there are new text replacement options in Apple iWork, which will allow you to save a ton of time when you are trying to type out a comment or reply. Auto-correction is also included, which is another way that you can save time when you are in the middle of typing. Numbers, Pages, and Keynote have gotten all of these new features on both the Mac and iOS platform.

When it comes to Pages, the Apple iWork update will allow you to now export the documents as an ePub book in a fixed layout. There is also linked text box support and the abilities to change items when you are in the middle of collaborating on a project with someone. When you are collaborating, you now have the ability to change the paper size, headers, footers, and margins. All of these features and changes are available on both the Pages iOS version and Pages Mac version.

You also will be able to navigate better in the iOS Pages app thanks to the page thumbnail view features. When it comes to a specific update or new feature for Pages on Mac, you will see the information from the market day’s close from the day before. This is both going to occur on the Currency function and the Stock functions of the Mac Pages app.

More Apple iWork Update Features

When we talk about Keynote for both Mac and iOS, there are quite a few new changes as well. You get the ability to zoom and pan in the Mac version, and also the Currency and Stock update that is available on Pages. We also see that you can go into Light Table view and edit your notes in the Mac version, and this is also coming to the iOS version of Keynote.

You will be able to edit the presenter notes in the iOS version as well. When we look at the iOS Numbers app and the Mac Numbers app, both of them will be getting print preview support for collaborative spreadsheets. The Stock and Currency changes will be coming to these to apps as well.

If you would like to check out the new Keynote, Pages, and Numbers apps as part of the Apple iWork set of apps, you can head to Apple’s App Store and download them. Apple has made all of these iWork apps free for everyone, which has been going on for a few months now. Previously you had to pay for these apps, but not anymore, which means more people can use these apps for their business or productivity needs. If you have the apps on your iOS device, the automatic update should be hitting your iOS device shortly. The updates also should now be rolling out for the Mac version of the Apple iWork apps.

  • Aalia Ludhi

    I love iworks for its simplicity. I hope all these new features not make it cluttered like Microsoft office