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Apple Music for Android Gets New Update

Apr 4, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might be interested in knowing about the latest Apple Music update. Apple has a subscription music service, called Apple Music, which just made it onto Android devices not too long ago. This new update for Apple Music on Android gives you new features and an overall better design.

Apple Music Android App Updates with New Design

The first thing you will notice about Apple Music for Android is that the design is much different. While the design is different, it is actually the same look that the app has on iOS. This means that Android users are just catching up to the iOS users in terms of the look and features available. The new Apple Music is now on version 2.0 and you will notice that there is a lot of organization in the new design. The Browse, Radio, Library, and For You sections are all there now, which is how the iOS version looks.

You will also notice on this new update that the Now Playing screen includes lyrics, and this is also how the Now Playing section looks on iOS. Even though this is considered a pretty major update, there is still no priority here for Apple. Of course, Apple will always update and add new features to Apple Music on iOS before Android, which is why Android is just playing catch-up at this point. The new Apple Music actually hit iOS devices last fall, so you can see there is several months in between the iOS version and the update for Android.

Some Complaints on Apple Music for Android

There are of course, some people who are complaining about this new update on Android. For one, the new update does not get rid of one of the biggest complaints that Android users had about Apple Music. The sign-in bug, as it is known, is still present in Apple Music 2.0 on Android. This bug basically is where you are asked to enter your Apple ID verification code after you enter in your Apple ID and password.

This is not something everyone is dealing with, but it is a bug that is affecting quite a few Android users. The real problem is that there is never a place to enter the code that you might have gotten from an Apple device, so it really does not make sense.

A lot of people who have been using Apple Music on have noted, though, that there is indeed a place to enter this verification code. The sign-in bug as it is known is not really a sign-in bug, but rather has to do with two-factor authentication. If you have two-factor authentication on your Apple devices, then you probably will see this pop-up where you are asked to enter this code.

If you do, then some people say that you just add the code to the end of your password in order to get it to work. You do not need to delete your password from that area, just add the code into the end of your password and it should work.

Regardless of the fact that people are still having issues with the code, the look and layout of the app definitely is an improvement. Most of the performance bugs have been fixed with this update, and you will notice that other bugs have also been fixed. You also will see the big letters on the various headings in the app, which is a great addition for Android users.

The good news here is that even though Apple has not focused on the Android version of this app very much, many people have still subscribed to the service. In fact, Apple even said there were over 20 million customers who were paying for Apple Music. These were December 2016 numbers, so you could probably guess it has gone up a bit since then.

The goal is to make this subscription service your to-go place to listen to music regardless of whether or not you have an Android device or the native Apple devices. If you would like to check out the new Apple Music, you can head to Google Play Store right now and download the new version, which is 2.0.