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Apple Music for Android Rolls out Dark Mode & More to Everyone

Sep 30, 2019

We told you a while back about Apple Music rolling out some key features for Android, including dark mode. Back when these additional features were being talked about, it was only available through beta. We’ve since learned that Apple Music for Android is releasing the update for everyone starting this week. We have all of the newest details about the additional features added to Apple Music for Android so read on to learn all about it.

Apple Music for Android Adds Dark Mode & More

We’re happy to report that Apple Music for Android is finally rolling out the features that were available previously in beta. This includes dark mode, which is a feature most people now request in all apps. If you’ve been keeping track of the new Android 10, then you know that dark mode is now a system-wide setting. Apps have to update dark mode in order to support the new system-wide ability in Android 10.

Apple Music for Android definitely appears to be rolling out the support needed for Android 10 with the new dark mode ability. Did we tell you that last week an update was also released which added support for Android Auto? These are a couple of features that have been long requested by users. With the ability to use Android Auto with the music app from Apple, you’ll have even more uses for this app. Another huge benefit is that it will be more convenient than ever before.

Apple Music for Android Brings Chromecast Support to Everyone

Another feature that was previously available in the beta for over a month now is Chromecast support. The Chromecast support has now rolled out to everyone in the latest update of Apple Music for Android.

This is going to be useful for those who enjoy listening to tunes while they are at home and have any generation of Google Chromecast. Apple is trying to make this music app useful to those who have Android devices and are more intertwined with the Google products and services.

This app is also adding a feature to be able to access other radio stations using iHeartRadio, Radio.com, and TuneIn. These are all additions that Apple Music is hoping get more people to join the subscription service.

Apple Music is one of the biggest subscription services that Apple offers and most of the revenue Apple gets are from subscription services. You’ll have more than 100,000 different radio stations available to you through the new radio station access ability.

What Do You think of Apple Music for Android & New Features?

With all of these additions to the Apple Music Android app it’s pretty clear Apple wants to be your source for entertainment regardless of which operating system you own and use. By making Apple services available to those on Android, it’s only going to increase the number of people using them, such as Apple Music. This means more revenue for Apple and more ability to expand out beyond the normal iOS user base.

We want to know in the comments below, what you think of Apple Music for Android? Do you think it’s a good idea for Apple to expand products and services to people outside of the Android ecosystem? What other apps and services do you hope that Apple will expand out to Android in the future? Are you going to use the Apple subscription Music service instead of Google Play Music? Will you just stick with the normal Google apps and services?