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Apple Music No Longer the Exclusive Source for Taylor Swift

Jun 11, 2017

When it comes to Apple Music, you might have heard about the fact that the music streaming service had an exclusive deal with Taylor Swift. Well, that exclusive deal is no more as now all of the streaming services out there will have access to Taylor Swift. This is a really good opportunity for music fans to experience Taylor Swift, and also is a good opportunity for those other streaming services out there.

Apple Music Exclusive Taylor Swift Deal Ends

There are a lot of rival music streaming services out there to Apple Music, and now all of these rival streaming services will have the ability to get the music of Taylor Swift. The exclusive content deal between Apple Music and Taylor Swift is over, and now Amazon Music, Tidal, and Spotify will be able to put her entire discography up on their streaming services. Her music will be available on even more than those services we just listed, but it is amazing that other streaming services will now have her entire discography.

The entire discography we are talking about also includes “1989” which is the biggest and most popular success of Taylor Swift. This album alone has sold over 10 million copies since it was released worldwide, which is a pretty big deal these days. When you look at the other streaming services outside of Apple Music, many have been criticized for not paying the artists and not giving content creators their share of the money.

Spotify has 50 million paid subscribers, which is a lot more than Apple Music right now. Apple Music has about 27 million, so the artists, such as Taylor Swift, could double or triple the amount of people hearing their music with this new deal. If you do not remember, it was back in 2014 that Taylor Swift was involved in a feud with Spotify.

Taylor Swift had her music on the ad-supported level of Spotify, and Taylor Swift thought it was not right that her albums were on the free version instead of making people have a subscription to get to her music. Spotify did not want music to be available only on the paid level and not on the ad-supported free level, so Taylor Swift said too bad for them. She ended up pulling all of her music off Spotify after they would not get her music off the free level and let it just be on the paid level.

Apple Music and Taylor Swift Disagreement

She also had a spat with Apple Music too, which was all about Apple Music not wanting to pay the royalties to the artists. Apple Music has a free three-month trial, and the company did not want to pay royalties to the artists if their songs appeared on the service during the three-month trial. Apple did end up coming to the table after the heated debate with Taylor Swift and agreed to pay artists for the music in the three-month free trial.

She was happy that artists like her would get the money for the free music plays, and she ended up becoming a promotional artist for the service. Taylor Swift even did a concert for Apple Music and also did a ton of advertisements for Apple Music, so she was definitely happy about the progress Apple Music had made in the royalties department.

Now, even more streaming services will have the ability to display the music of Taylor Swift, and this could lead to even more people subscribing to the other services. This could lead to more people deciding that there are options beyond Apple Music that do what they want for less. We will see where this goes, but for now it seems it is going to have to find a new way to compete with the other bigger names in the business.