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Sep 23, 2015

The title of this article may have been a little confusing but what is clear is that Apple will be releasing its own news app when IOS 9 is released! This app has been worked on for quite a while since announced at WWDC in June when they only had 18 publishers but now they have a whole lot more ready to bring information to iPhone and iPad users. Apple has tried time and time before to bring news to the iPhone but time after time has failed so the question is what do they bring to the table this time around? And will this time be a success?

What is new about the News app?

Before during the IOS 6 and 7 era there was a different application for finding the news in the world and that application was called newsstand. Newsstand was pretty creative in how it sets up the articles in sort of a that people would find them lined up on a newsstand in New York etc. The only problem was that people did not like the way the revenue model was for those company because they would publish a story and then they would share the profits with Apple which seemed quite sketchy. With this new model in the new app it will be a 100 percent profit to the article publishers for the adds they sell and a 70 percent profit for whatever backfill inventory Apple tries to market. The publishers of these articles will also get credit from web auditor ComScore for the articles they publish through the news app.

During IOS 6 and 7 there were attempts at adding a newspaper app and that was called Newsstand. The app had a few avid followers from newspaper loves but slowly lost all value over time.
(During IOS 6 and 7 eras, Apple had some attempts at adding a newspaper app to their phone/tablet and that app was called Newsstand. The app had a few avid followers from newspaper loves but slowly lost all value over time.)

Concerns for the publishers?

The biggest concern for the publishers going into the new app is whether they will take off or not. There are many apps on the market that people use avidly but will people want to use this pre installed app on IOS 9 devices? There are many times over and over again in history where software developers like Google and Apple try to create their own apps but ultimately they end up not gaining much of an audience ( examples: Google Earth, Apple Music, etc.). Also, the “news” people read is not really news but rather social media. The things people now consider news are apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. so it is tough to say whether the new news app will attract a crowd from the younger generation.

This image shows how the new news app will look on iPhones and iPads when opened onto an article.
(This image shows how the new news app will look on iPhones and iPads when opened onto an article.)

These publishers are also scared about not working with Apple because in their new update ads can be blocked on safari and other apps that have advertisements (besides the preinstalled ones like news). These publishers rely so much on their advertisements to make any profit and considering most  people have cell phones and most people view things such as news articles on their phone it would be great if the publishers partner with Apple’s news app so their ads do not get blocked. So if they want o benefit from this new business model they sure want to be a part of the news app before all other competition is hurt tremendously.

Overall, this app does have potential because Apple has been working on it for a few months now and no one can deny that when Apple puts time into something they never fail to impress. This will hopefully attract a crowd of people who enjoy reading, and in particular those who enjoy reading the news. It is said that not much will be said on it at the Apple conference on Sept. 9th but that is probably because they want to make sure everything is ready before they show the full potential of the app. But for certain this new news app ( it is so confusing to say those two similar words together) will come with the release of the new operating system IOS 9 and will hopefully revive what is reading news articles on a mobile device.

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