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Apple Pay Cash Released on iOS 11.2

Dec 31, 2017

While iOS 11.2 was not intended to be released yet, it has been rolled out early, and Apple Pay Cash is part of this update. The new iOS update, iOS 11.2, was just released on December 30, 2017. The release date was pushed up due to the fact there were software issues and bugs impacting those on the previous iOS version. Apple released iOS 11.2 and in that release we now have Apple Pay Cash. We are super excited about this new feature since it was something that has been talked about for a while.

Apple Pay Cash Now Available As Part of iOS 11.2 Update

It is important to also say Apple Pay Cash is only available for those who are in the United States, at least for now. It is a new feature that you will find only if you update to iOS 11.2, which was just released. The new feature is one of the main features found in this update, since this was primarily an update to fix software issues and bugs. Pay Cash is going to allow you to both send and receive money right from iMessages. It is similar to both Square Cash and Venmo, but it is the Apple version of those digital payment services.

There will be an Apple Pay Cash card that you will find within the Wallet app. The money that people are sending you will be found within the Apple Pay Cash card. You will be able to then use that money anywhere that Apple Pay is accepted. You also can send that money to other people right from iMessages, which is pretty cool too. We likely have mentioned Apple Pay Cash before, since it was supposed to be released a while ago. The intention was to release Apple Pay Cash back when iOS 11 first launched, although that did not happen and ended up being delayed. We are still waiting on AirPlay 2 and the Messages feature in the Cloud, which have not been released as of yet either.

Apple Pay Cash Begins Rolling Out Now

You might be one of those people who have not noticed Apple Pay Cash on your iOS device yet, but do not worry. You should also check to make sure you are updated to iOS 11.2. Since this new update was just released, it is possible you have not downloaded the newest iOS 11.2 update yet.

While many people might not think the iOS 11.2 update is worth downloading, the fact that Apple Pay Cash is included in the update makes the download worth it. The best thing about the new Pay Cash is that the money will stay in the Wallet until you are ready to use it. You can also use this cash you have received through iMessages anywhere you want that accepts Apple Pay.

Benefits of Apple Pay Cash

If you have not yet figured out which retail stores and companies are accepting Apple Pay, you can easily look that up online. More and more retail stores and companies are beginning to accept Apple Pay as a legitimate payment method, which is definitely a good thing for people on the go. Another thing that you can do with Pay Cash is that it gives you a way to split payments if you are in a social circle.

You know how sometimes you will go out with friends but not have the money to pay them right away? Well, with Pay Cash you can send the money through iMessages to them anytime from anywhere. If you owe someone a few dollars for lunch from the other day, you can quickly send them the money using the new payment option. It is a great resource for people who are social and enjoy splitting the bill with friends or family. As long as you have the iOS 11.2 update, you will be able to easily use this payment method for all of your payment needs.