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Apple Seeing Huge Growth in Enterprise Organizations

Mar 7, 2017

A new report was just released by Jamf, which makes Apple management software for businesses. This new report, which is the Annual Jamf Trends Survey, is showing that businesses are using both iOS and Mac significantly more than they were in the past. We have all of the details of the latest survey which shows how much Apple is growing in the business sector.

Jamf Trends Survey Shows Apple is Choice for Enterprise Organizations

The Annual Jamf Trends Survey is showing that businesses are more likely to use Mac or iOS over any other type of operating system out there. This survey specifically looks at the use of Apple products in the business world, and the results of the survey are staggering. The Annual Jamf Trends Survey looked at over 10,000 employees, 300 IT professionals, and looked at the executives and managers from these companies.

The results of the 2016 Jamf Trends Survey showed that over 99 percent of enterprise organizations are using iPhone or iPads. 91 percent of these enterprise organizations are using Mac, which means that iOS and Mac are essentially the entire enterprise market. When you look at 2015 to 2016, there was a huge increase in the amount of businesses that began using iOS or Mac.

We also learned in the Jamf Trends Survey that over 44 percent of all organizations offered employees a choice between the PC and the Mac. 71 percent of all organizations offered employees a choice between mobile devices as well, such as being able to use Android or iOS for their business. When it comes to why more businesses are choosing iOS and Mac, there are many reasons why enterprise is suddenly moving towards iOS or Mac as the sole option for their company.

One of the biggest reasons, according to the Jamf Trends Survey, that enterprises are using iOS or Mac is because it is very easy to use. The security in Mac and iOS is another reason why businesses are moving to iOS and Mac. Integration is much easier too and there is a lot of support for Mac and iOS out there. Not only that, but, the configuration of the devices and the software development and app development is significantly better on Mac and iOS than on Android. 93 percent of those in the survey also said that iOS was much easier to understand and use than the alternatives, such as Android. When you look at the enterprise world, it is important to remember a lot of these people do not have that much experience with technology on a regular basis.

Looking even more at the Jamf Trends Survey, we see that Mac adoption rates increased in 74 percent of organizations. In the iOS adoption, over 76 percent of businesses saw an increase, which is really important as well. In terms of the Mac deployment, IBM is already near the goal it had of deploying 100,000 Macs. That makes IBM the biggest company in terms of Mac deployment out there. IBM only made this announcement of wanting to get 100,000 Macs deployed in October 2016, so it is quickly reaching the goal. 62 percent of those in the survey said Mac was easier to deploy and use than the PC, so it makes sense that Mac is becoming the choice for those needing a reliable computer.

For Apple, all of this is great news because it is showing more people believe it is more secure and reliable than say Android. For Android, this might be bad news because it shows that the business world does not want to be associated with a platform that is known to have vulnerabilities and malware issues.