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Apple unveiling of new iPhone and iPad models on 21 March

Mar 12, 2016

Apple unveiling of new iPhone and iPad models on 21 March: Apple is supposed to unveil certain models on the 21st of March most probably. The phone is probably comes with a screen size of 4 inch and is very similar to a previous model, the iPhone 5s. However, the interior of the phone is improved to a magnificent extent. The phone is supposed to come with all the new features that the company provides. With the stunning handset, another iPad with a screen size ten inches will also be launched.Apple creative logo

Apple unveiling of new iPhone and iPad models on 21 March

A press event will be help on the mentioned day where the company will launch the two models. The company stays quiet regarding the information of the event. The only detail that the company provides is that the press event will be taking play in Silicon Valley in California at the grounds of the company’s campus itself.

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There are rumours that may be there will be great news at the event which is a surprise, probably they will announce something regarding the new campus that the company has been constructing. From quite a while, Apple was considering the launch of improved versions of the old models and now they are taking an initiative. An iPad is also supposed to launch along with the phone which is ten inches in size.

The iPad also has stunning features which has a stylus feature as well as a keyboard. Apple focuses on expanding their sales of the tablets which recently declined to a huge extent. The press event where the tablet and the handset will be released will also unveil new bands for the smart watch by Apple. Microsoft has helped Apple improve the tablets too. The statistics of sales of the iWatch is not provided yet but it is said that more than eleven millions wearable iWatches were shipped the previous year.

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The giant tech Apple will also have to face the FBI in the American court regarding the issue of unlocking the iPhone of a terrorist. The media will be present before the commencement of the case. Apple is supposed to make their security system even stronger.