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Apple Watch 2 relase date, news & rumors

Mar 10, 2016

Apple Watch 2 relase date, news & rumors: There are rumours regarding the release of Apple Watch 2 which is an iPhone-compatible Smartwatch and it is said that it will launch in September along with Apple’s iPhone 7. Son users set the Siri-controlled timer for this amazing wearable. When the first Apple-designed smartwatch was released back in September in 2014 then people all over the world was very excited for this new device. For the next generation of this watch people have great expectations about its new features and price. In this article you will get all the information of all the rumours regarding the yet-to-be-announced Apple Watch 2.  Here we will also provide with the specifications and features that may include in the second Apple Watch.Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2 relase date, news & rumors

DESIGN: the company will expand their range of features in terms of design as well as give a new look with more bands and finishes in the year 2016. The new version may be a lot thinner than the previous one. Also the waterproof standard is likely to increase from IPX7 to an IP67 rating.

FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS: there are many new features in addition to the old ones like the Time Travel function and more clock faces. But according to the reports the new Apple Watch 2 may not be dependent on an iPhone for all the tasks like the current one should be paired with an iPhone for everything.

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PRICE: the price of the 42mm Watch $949 which is quiet expensive and price of the 42mm Watch Edition is $9,500. The initial price of the first watch was $349 when it launched. Hardware of all the Apple watches are more or less the same so the new model may more premium strap material and cases to be a bit different.

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Well all the above information are just rumour yet, but we will keep you updated with any further info that we get. Till then don’t expect too much from the Apple Watch 2. It may hold a lot of surprises for all the users.