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Apple Watch 2017 Specifications & Other Rumors

Jun 28, 2016

Apple Watch 2017 Specifications & Other RumorsApple is making headline for its upcoming iPhone 7, but in its portfolio the company must be working on the other products. With the Apple watch, a fresh round of leaks gave us some more details on the company’s effort and the fresh rumors integrated the GPU display. There is also new report that claims that Apple is planning to rope in the third company the third company to manufacturer the Oled displays for their next year’s iPhone.Apple Watch 2017

Apple Watch 2017 Specifications & Other Rumors

Beginning with the Apple Watch, for its 2017 iteration the Cupertino giant may be switching from the LCD displays to the Micro-LED displays. Apple will not follow the same iPhone path for its smartwatch and will switch to the rumored Oled displays. When compared to LCD, Micro LED is equipped with better brightness levels and colour gamuts. It uses less battery than LCD and it can even be much thinner as it does not require the backlighting.

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In 2014, Apple had acquired LuxVue Technology, a company that is specialized in the Micro-LED displays. It appears that Apple may be looking to put that acquisition to some use in the Apple Watch next year.

Just yet the company is apparently not giving up on the display business. But according to some previous rumors the display is said to sport a 5K (of 5120/2880 pixels) resolution and it is expected to be called the ‘Apple 5K Display’.

Lastly, this year the iPhone is expected to come with the minimum design changes and with the Apple stocking the big changes for the iPhone’s ten-year anniversary next year. One big rumor features for next year’s iPhone is expected to switch to Oled displays.

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Alongside Samsung and LG, Foxconn-acquired Sharp will also be manufacturing the Oled displays for the Apple.