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Best Apps For Finding & Choosing a Lawyer in 2018

Jan 11, 2018

We know you might be looking for some of the best apps for finding and choosing a lawyer. With the digital age, there are many ways you can find resources to help you regardless of your situation. When it comes to legal issues, finding and choosing a lawyer is very important. You want to find someone who will represent you and look out for your interests.

It can be hard to know which apps are useful for choosing a lawyer and finding a lawyer. You do not want to worry about sensitive information getting out there to the world, which is why we made this list. Here are the top apps for finding and choosing a lawyer available right now.

Top Apps for Finding & Choosing a Lawyer in 2018

BernieSez– If we are talking about the best apps for both finding and choosing a lawyer, we have to mention BernieSez. This is a free app for the iPhone and it allows you to do a few interesting things. With this app, just upload a picture of the paperwork or ticket that you got, along with those charges filed against you.

From there, you will be able to upload to the Cloud. There will be tons of lawyers that freely look over your case. The lawyers will then begin to compete for your business and compete to represent you. Each attorney will tell you their fees upfront and you can vet them all by looking at client reviews, biographies of each attorney, and more.

You can also review the fees for each attorney to choose the one that is right for you. If you decide to work with a specific lawyer, then that is when you will pay for the lawyer. The lawyers are able to sort and filter the uploads to see which cases fit their backgrounds, and then they can begin bidding on the ones that they are interested in. This is a unique type of app to allow you to find and choose a lawyer going outside of the standard call and meeting type of situation. Using the app, you can also communicate with the lawyer you chose, and then talk about court dates.

Avvo– Avvo is definitely on our list of the best apps for both finding and choosing a lawyer. This app is available on both iOS and Android. It allows you to browse a directory of lawyers in America. There are more than one million peer and customer reviews on Avvo. There is background information available for the attorneys. In fact, more than 97 percent of all American attorneys have a background page on Avvo. This app has been featured in many publications. The list includes the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

Avvo allows you to quickly find and choose a lawyer based on what you need. You can email or call the lawyer once you have browsed the directory and found one you want to work with. You can filter by language, location, or legal practice. Sort the results in order to see the best match or most qualified attorney. You can also see all related details for each attorney.

There are more than 100 practice areas in the ap. You can swipe right in order to bookmark the lawyers you want to add to your favorites. This is definitely one of the most functional and in-depth app for finding an attorney. Every single type of law practice is featured in the app. Various categories including criminal, family law, real estate, probate, and much more are offered.

Ask a Lawyer: Legal Help– Ask a Lawyer: Legal Help is free on both iOS and Android and makes our list of the best apps for both finding and choosing a lawyer. This app offers you preliminary legal advice, which means it is free of charge. You can then message various attorneys and chat live with them. The attorney is able to screen clients using this app and then talk to the clients to see if they would like to represent them.

This app will give you all kinds of legal help, including a dictionary to help you figure out legal terms. Instead of going into an office and meeting with a lawyer for free, this app replaces that process. You will be able to choose the lawyer from the app that you believe best represents you and your interests. If you just have a simple problem, this app is best to use since you can get free advice as long as it is nothing too in-depth or complicated.

Oh Crap!– An interesting app that makes our list of the best apps for both finding and choosing a lawyer is Oh Crap! This is a fun app for iOS and Android. It offers you the ability to contact an attorney in your area as soon as you get into trouble. Say you are drinking and driving, you can just use this app as soon as you get pulled over. The app will help you find an attorney within your area. It will also allow you to contact a bail bondsman close to you to get you out of jail.

This app also tells you advice, such as not talking to the cops no matter what once you have been pulled over. The less you say is always best, and the app will tell you to stop talking until you have representation. Oh Crap will help you find the closest attorney to your location when you end up pulled over and in a bad situation.