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Top Apps for Finding a Maid in 2018 – Best Housecleaning Service Apps

Jan 4, 2018

Are you trying to find the best apps for finding a maid? We know how challenging it can be to find just the right person to come in and clean your home. These days, you have to worry about the type of person you are bringing around. Whether it be because you have children or worry about someone stealing from you, there are concerns when hiring a maid.

We have compiled a list of four apps that can help you find the perfect maid. You do not have to use a maid every week either, as it can be a weekly, monthly, or semi-annual thing you do to get your home in order. Here are four apps for helping you find a maid no matter what your situation is or how often you want a maid.

Top Apps for Finding a Maid

Home Maids- If we are going to talk about the best apps for finding a maid, then we first have to mention Home Maids. This is a free app on Android and it allows you to book a maid for the  services you need. This app is very easy to use and it allows you to browse through the gallery of services offered. The app will work if you need a one-time house cleaning or a maid for a weekly service.

Home Maids is a great app to use because this app will be useful in various locations around the world. This means that you will find a maid that lives near you and you will not have to worry about the maid getting lost or traveling from another location. The app is also very user-friendly and the features of the app allow you to find just the perfect person you are looking for. Definitely one of the best apps for finding a maid out there right now, and the app has great reviews.

Maidac- One of the best apps we can tell you about if you are looking for apps for finding a maid is Maidac. This is an on-demand maid app and it is completely free to use on iOS. You can login and search for maids in your local area. Once you find a maid you like, you can book them.

It is really that easy to use and it makes finding the right person for the job less of a hassle. If you see someone on the app you do not like or do not think would work for you, then you can just choose someone else. There is no worry about anything with this app since you can look at reviews and ratings of each person.

There are ratings in the app for each maid, so you can pick and choose which maid you would prefer. The maids can even be paid instantly if you would like. You can pay via credit card, using the iOS wallet or even using PayPal. This definitely makes things easier on everyone. You do not have to worry about getting cash, having enough cash, or trying to get change. That is useful if the services are going to cost only a small amount of money. This app is very simple to use. With Maidac, you can find all of the information you need right there on the app itself.

Takl- Takl is one of the best apps for finding a maid out there. This is a free app on iOS and it allows you to find a maid and much more. You can find a maid quickly using Takl and you can order your job any day of the week. You do not need to plan anything before you order a job and there are local providers in your area. This app also has customer support and you can pay right from the app using various online payment methods. You can even pay the tip right from the app, so you can really do everything you need right from the app itself.

The interactive map allows you to see all of the available cities. There are more than 55 cities where Takl is supported and it is expanding every single day. The providers have all had a background check. This means that the maid you pick has been vetted to ensure they are legit and a good person before entering your home.

The app is very easy to use and you will love the availability from within the app. Even better is that there are many small jobs you can order from within the app. This means you can get lawn care services and even things like junk removal providers from within this app. You can see the ratings of each person before you select them and read the feedback left by other customers.

MaidsApp- Lastly, if we are talking about the best apps for finding a maid, we have to mention MaidsApp. This app is free on iOS and it allows you to find just the right maid for your situation. The maids that are available in this app will work in both office spaces and residential houses. Even if you are looking for a maid at the last minute, you can find the right person using MaidsApp.

No need to book in advance and there is a two-hour guaranteed arrival time for the maids. The professionals all undergo a strict screening process, which means you know you are getting someone legit. The maids that enter into a residential house are vetted. Once the maid marks the property complete, you can then go into the app and rate the maid. You will be able to see all of the ratings from within the app as well, so you have the option to pass if someone does not seem like they would be your type.

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