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Top Apps for Finding a Plumber in 2018

Jan 4, 2018

Finding a plumber for your house can be a pain. First of all, you do not have any experience with this plumber, so they could be a total drag and short cut the work that might need to be done to your house. In addition to that, if you are not familiar with that plumber or the company they come from, they could potentially over charge you for work that may not be that costly to do. It is without a doubt a situation that most people find themselves in at least once in their life time, whether it is because they are just moving to a new area, or purchased a new house that needs to be evaluated. Now a days, we have a way to solve this problem of the lack of information. Apps make this asymmetric information problem a thing of the past. A lot of the apps that will be featured on this list, have a review system in place that will give you the best rated plumbers in your area, so that you know you are getting the best value for your money.

When finding the best apps for this, I wanted to make sure that the apps had some sort of reviewing system so that way you could read up on what people’s experiences with different plumbers are. The best apps were those that had a good system in place that had both the best and the worst of the plumbers. You do not want apps that seem to be sponsored so that they may not be honest with their reviews. There are a lot of great resources that people should utilize, but perhaps the best before going to an app is just word of mouth. I definitely suggest consulting with neighbors or anyone who may have been in the area longer than you. However, a lot of people want a convenient app so they can do this at their own time, and wherever they may be. So here are, what I consider, to be the best apps to find a plumber.

  1. Jiffy

Jiffy takes the number five spot on our list for a solid plumbing resource. What makes this one number five is that it is originally a Toronto based app, so a lot of the firms are in that area. They have expanded, but I am pretty sure it is only in the Canadian area. Jiffy is perfect for finding any sort of service, whether it be to repair an appliance in your house, bring you gas, or help you with plumbing. Jiffy is a great tool not only for plumbing, but finding all sorts of services for your home.

One reason users will enjoy using Jiffy is because of the honest reviews that Jiffy provides. All of the services that are contracted through Jiffy are vetted and made sure to be nothing but the best quality of services from professionals. On top of that, you can even input a credit card onto the app, and all of your bills will be billed through the app, so no paperwork is ever needed. You can even evaluate the contract and sign it through the app if you wish.

  1. Find a Plumber

Find a Plumber is a relatively new app that allows you to search a list of plumbers in your area that have been vetted and approved by the people who run the app. There is also some sort of guarantee that comes with booking a job through the app, so you can be assured that you are going to get the best of the best sent to your house. One of the down sides to this app, is that it is region locked, but if it is in your area, you can be guaranteed that it will provide you with the best services in your area.

Find a Plumber takes the edge on Jiffy because it has a larger area that is accessible. On top of that, Find a Plumber guarantees that your job will get done, and get done right. I would definitely recommend checking this app out, if the rest of the apps on this list do not get the job done.

  1. Takl

Similar to Jiffy, Takl has a wide range of jobs available right at the tip of your fingers. The difference with this app is that people themselves are posting what they can provide, and you buy their services through the app. The one potential downside is that you are not getting a professional, but rather an amateur. This app is good if you are looking for something that is a bit cheaper, as it can help save you a ton of money if you cannot afford it right now.

UPDATE: Takl does not currently allow plumbing related jobs on their app!

  1. Yelp: Food, Shopping, Services

Without a doubt a classic, Yelp can definitely help you find the best quality services in your area, including plumbers. Yelp is super accessible, having more than 135 million businesses on the app, all of which have reviews from people who have actually used the service you are looking at. Yelp is without a doubt the most known app this far onto the list, and for great reason. The app does a great job of getting rid of false reviews that may try to inflate the value of the business you are looking at. Yelp is super easy to do, simply search for plumbing in your area, and you are brought to a list of plumbers, complete with phone numbers, reviews, and price ranges.

  1. Yellow Pages

The best of the best, Yellow Pages is one of the longest lasting resources for finding local businesses with an ease. Yellow Pages will allow you to sort by all of the plumbers in your area, and find the best of the best in your local area. You can read real reviews from people who both work with Yellow Pages, and from people who have verified purchases of the service, so you know you are getting true and honest reviews of the business. Available to almost anyone, anywhere in the world, Yellow Pages is extremely accessible to everyone, regardless of where you are.

Yellow Pages takes the number one spot with ease, as it definitely provides the best way to find all of the plumbers in your area. It is a super simple app to use, and it is available completely free. I definitely think this should be your go to app whether you are looking for a plumber, salon, movie theater, any sort of business really. Definitely check this app out first if you are on the hunt for a new plumber, before looking at some of the other apps on this list.