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Four Great Streaming Apps like BaDoink in 2018

Feb 9, 2018

Have you been looking for the best apps like BaDoink that are out now in 2018? We are going to tell you about four apps that are similar to BaDoink if you want to download videos on your mobile device. If you have never heard of BaDoink before, it is one of the top video downloading apps available. It works really well to download videos from all kinds of places, including YouTube. You are also able to watch the videos while offline once they are downloaded onto your device.

With BaDoink, you also can stream the videos to other devices such as your PlayStation or Xbox wirelessly. BaDoink also has a very nice video player, which is where you watch the videos once they are downloaded. While BaDoink might be really fun, we know you probably want to hear about other similar apps. Here are four apps that also allow you to download videos to your Android device, just like BaDoink.

Best Four Apps like BaDoink for 2018

DownTube Free Video Downloader– DownTube Free Video Downloader is also one of the top apps like BaDoink. This app is out for Android currently. DownTube is very similar to BaDoink, and it will allow you to download videos from all kinds of websites and apps. Your downloaded videos are saved right into the local storage on your Android device. The downloads are also in high-definition, which allows you to see a better picture of some of your favorite videos. You also can download an entire playlist using this app, and it even has a movie database. The movie database allows you to download videos from the top streaming sites.

There is also a video directory available in this app, which allows you to find the videos you want to download. With DownTube Free Video Downloader, you can even download a full-length movie and save it onto your device. This app is great because it is quick and painless to begin downloading any video right now. There is so much to this app and so many features available that it will quickly become your go-to source for video downloading. It is also very easy to use and you will learn right away how to download any video you want from any source.

YourTube Video Downloader– YourTube Video Downloader makes the list too for the best apps like BaDoink out right now. This is a newer app that was launched to allow you to download videos from various websites and apps. Obviously, you can quickly download videos from YouTube with this app, and you also have the ability to save the videos locally on your device. The video downloads are all in high-definition, which gives you a clearer picture quality with better sound. You are asked whether you want to play the video or download the video, and you can choose to download right to your device.

With YourTube Video Downloader, you will have a very easy to use user interface, which allows you the option to quickly download videos. You will love how you have the options menu, which can bring up various settings from within the app. This app in particular even has a browser, which allows you to search for videos by name or artist. You can search for music videos or other types of videos with the built-in browser. The browser aspect itself is one reason why YourTube Video Downloader is one of the best out right now.

AllVids Video Downloader– AllVids Video Downloader is one of the top apps like BaDoink out right now for Android. This application allows you to download videos from your favorite websites and apps, including YouTube. It also can download all kinds of videos from social media as well, such as Facebook or Instagram. Some video downloading apps do not allow for video downloads from social media, so AllVids has a leg up in this area.

AllVids Video Downloader will download all of the videos in high-definition, and you will love how smooth the user interface is. With this appp, you will have a lot of features and functionality, including the ability to start, pause, resume, and cancel downloads. This app is compatible with so many websites and apps, which makes it great for video downloading of any kind.

TrumpTube– Finally, if we are going to talk about the best apps like BaDoink, we have to mention TrumpTube. This is also a video downloader app available for Android. It is free to download and it allows you to download videos from almost any source. The most common place to download videos is from YouTube, although this app works with many other websites and apps too. With TrumpTube, you can download all kinds of videos in high-definition.

TrumpTube is cool because there are a ton of functions and features with this app. There is an advanced video management system with this app. That means you will have a download list and playlist and you can go between the two. You can download HF videos and much more with TrumpTube, even downloading images from social media like Instagram. This app is very easy to use and it is simple to begin downloading videos from YouTube and other sources.

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