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Four Amazing Apps like Buzz Widget for 2018

Feb 9, 2018

Are you trying to find more apps like Buzz Widget that you can download onto your Android device? We are going to tell you about four other great widget apps that you can download right now on Android. Before we tell you about the other options, we are going to go into more details about Buzz Widget itself. Buzz Widget is one of the best launcher apps for Android, with a ton of customization options available.

This app has weather, battery, date, clock, music, and a ton of other customizable widgets. Buzz Widget has a ton of themes, backgrounds, and layouts available too, and you can use the widgets other people have created. There are nearly 100,000 widgets available in this app, which is pretty amazing. While this app is great, we know you might be looking to check out some alternatives. Here is our list of the best apps like Buzz Widget that you can download today for Android.

Top Apps Like Buzz Widget for Android in 2018

Fancy Widgets– First up on our list of the apps like Buzz Widget you should check out, we have Fancy Widget. This app is great because it allows for a ton of customization and personalization. There are several widgets featured on this app that you can use and customize. Some of those widgets include home widgets, music widgets, clock widgets, and even weather widgets. There is a free version of Fancy Widgets and a paid version. The paid version offers more features and functionality, so that might be better if you are looking for even more widget selection.

There is a lot of customization with this app, including the ability to change the date and time format. You also can make widgets for the moon phase, and even get the weather forecast for a week. Fancy Widget works great on all Android devices. It will have different features and functions for your Android device, so it will be able to blend in with the type of device you have. This app is simple but it offers a ton of features and options. If you are looking for an alternative to Buzz Widget, then this is one of the greatest choices.

Unity Widgets– Unity Widgets is also a great choice if you are looking for apps like Buzz Widget. This app offers you a ton of widgets in various categories. There are many features and functions with this app, including customization of your home screen. We should point out that in order to use this app, you need to download and install the Zooper Widgets Pro. That allows you to then use the Unity Widgets since this is not a standalone app.

If you are looking to change the functions of your Android device, then this is a great voice. You can change the color, fonts, and add weather widgets just to name a few. This app is also very easy to use and it will work with nearly any Android device. Simplicity is definitely part of this app, which makes it great for people looking to easily get all kinds of widgets on their Android device.

Zooper Widget- While mentioning apps like Buzz Widget, we would be amiss if we did not talk about Zooper Widget. This is a very elegant and customizable widget allowing you to customize your Android device. You will have unlimited options with this app, including making your battery last longer. This app also offers various templates that you can choose from. That means you have the option to create your own widgets with Zooper Widget.

If you love the ease of use of Buzz Widget, you will love Zooper Widget because it is packed with features but it is also easy to understand. There are also the ready-to-use widgets that you can look through. You can then customize those based on your Android device and what you want. You also can change nearly everything about your Android with this app, including shape, position, text, and color. If you are looking for a classy widget for Android, this is one of the best choices out there.

Battery Tools & Widget– Battery Tools & Widget is one of the top apps like Buzz Widget out there for Android right now. This app is great because it is simple, allowing you to optimize your battery and also monitor apps. You can monitor your battery life with this app and control the life of the battery more effectively with this app. This is not technically a battery-saving application though, so keep that in mind because it offers much more than that.

You can maintain the timeout of your screen, control your data connections, control your WiFi, and even control Hotspots with this app. There is a customized power saving mode as well as a battery health status indicator. You will love how many different functions are available with this app, allowing you to control a ton of aspects of your Android. There is also a battery icon and a battery life indicator as well. This is definitely one of the top apps if you are looking to focus more on saving your battery and controlling apps.

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