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Top 4 Apps like Cash for Apps in 2018

Feb 9, 2018

Are you looking for some of the best apps like Cash for Apps in 2018? If you are looking for some good alternatives, keep reading because we have compiled a list of four great options. You might not have heard of Cash for Apps before. We wanted to tell you a little about this cool money-making app. With Cash for Apps, you can get free in-app purchases and free paid apps. You can do this just by downloading apps onto your smartphone.

You can also get gift cards for free by downloading and trying out new apps right on your smartphone. All you have to do is download the apps and try them out for a couple minutes. Afrer that, you will then earn points. You can take these points and turn them into gift cards, or you can turn them into Google Play or Apple App Store credits. If this sounds like fun to you, read on to learn about the four best apps like Cash for Apps available right now.

Top 4 Apps like Cash for Apps on Android & iOS

TryMyApps– TryMyApps is an Android only app that we think is one of the top apps like Cash for Apps. This app is great way to earn money while at the same time being able to play paid apps for free. Just download and install this app and you will see all of the paid apps that you are allowed to download for free. You have to complete simple tasks for each app you download, and you will earn cash and gift cards for doing so.

TryMyApps allows you to also cash out and get PayPal cash as well. That is great if you want real money and not gift cards. This is one of the coolest apps out there for earning free money and gift . The best part is you earn money for just doing simple tasks. You will love how easy this app is to use and how much money you can earn. All of this is done in your spare time. The app is also not that complicated to figure out. Even if you have never used an app like this before, you will find it is simple to understand.

AppTrailers– AppTrailers is one of the greatest apps like Cash for Apps, and it is available on both iOS and Android. This app allows you to watch trailers of games and apps, and you are rewarded with points for each one you watch. The points are then able to be redeemed for PayPal cash and gift cards. You also can use the points on other cool prizes too, and it is very simple to use AppTrailers regardless of which device you own.

The more trailers you watch, the more money and points you will earn. You are limited when it comes to how long you have to complete each task on the app. This means that some offers will expire if you do not complete them when they show up. The good thing is that each of the app and game trailers are not long at all, so you can blow through a ton of them in a short amount of time. With the app, you will also see some trailers for new games and apps you never heard of before. This means you are likely to find a new game or app that you want to checkout, while earning rewards at the same time.

FeaturePoints– FeaturePoints is also one of many great apps like Cash for Apps. This app is available on both iOS and Android and it is free to download. With FeaturePoints, you just need to download and install the apps that are found within the app. You then need to play the app or game for a minute or two, and then you will earn the points. These points are then redeemed PayPal cash, gift cards, or in-app credits on either iOS or Android.

With FeaturePoints, you will be able to quickly earn points and credits. The best part is you will only need a minute to spare to try out the app. One important note about FeaturePoints is that you need to login every so often. If you fail to login and download apps for two months, all of your points you have accumulated will be erased. So this means you need to at least login and download an app. You will also need to try it out every month or so in order for your account to stay active. It will also take 24 hours for each of your points to be credited to your account. This is after playing the app or game you downloaded.

Cash Gift – Free Gift Cards– If you are looking for one of the best apps like Cash for Apps, then you might want to check out Cash Gift. This app is for Android only, but it allows you to earn gift cards or PayPal cash for free. The only thing you have to do is download and install the apps from within Cash Gift. You will need to play the apps for a few minutes, and then you earn points or credits.

Once you have points and credits, you can redeem your points. You can choose free gift cards or PayPal cash. You also can earn credits for Google Play. That would allow you to get in-app items for free or to download a paid app for free. The best part about this app is that it only takes a few minutes to earn $1. You will quickly be earning points by just spending a little time with the app. If you want to get cash, credits, or gift cards for free, then you need to check out this amazing free app.


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